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    After a nice 180 degree spin off a roundabout starting at 50mph the other night that saw my tourer fly backwards into the central reservation I need to replace the boot. I've already sourced one the same colour, just wondering if anyone can point me to a how to or indeed knows how the Tourer boot comes off?

    thanks in advance
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    This is not a full guide its an overview how the tailgate is adjusted but you can get the gist of things if you have done dismantling and assembly before.

    Remove these items first

    • Quarter pillar trim
    • Roof end trim
    • Tailgate upper trim panel
    • Tailgate side trim panel

    1. With the help of an assistant, remove the pivot bolt of the tailgate support strut from the tailgate hinge.
    2. Slightly loosen each screw and bolt.


    1. Adjust the tailgate (A) alignment in the following sequence.
    2. Adjust the tailgate right and left, as well as up and down, using the elongated holes.
    3. Turn the tailgate edge cushions (B), in or out as necessary, to make the tailgate, fit flush with the body at the side edges.
    4. Adjust the fit between the tailgate and tailgate opening by moving the striker (C).

    AOCUK Tourer 7th gen tailagate.

    5. Tighten each screw and bolt securely.
    6. Check that the tailgate opens properly and locks securely.
    7. Apply touch-up paint to the tailgate mounting bolts and around the hinges.
    8. Reinstall the pivot bolts of the support struts securely.
    9. Reinstall all remaining removed parts.
    10. With power tailgate: Reconnect the negative cable to the battery.
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    Thanks for the reply, do you have a larger version of the picture please?