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    After taking delivery of my Osram HB3 night breakers this week I took an hour out from the kids yesterday to fit them and the H1 night breakers I'd kept out of my previous car. These instructions/findings are based on the 2ltr petrol 8th Generation Accord. For other models the removal /replacement of bulbs may different.

    Fitting the HB3's (high beam) - very straight forward and easy to access, on the back of each bulb you'll see 2 small cross head screws. Remove the connecting power cable from the bulb first, loosen the screws but do not remove them, twist out the old bulb, put new bulb in, twist into locked position, tighten screws up and refit the power cable.

    Fitting the H1's (main beam) - A less straight forward process but patience will prevail. I'd recommend changing the passenger side first as access to the rear of the headlamp is easier (i.e you can see into the back of the bulb) firstly you need to remove the air filter housing and disconnect it from the main air hose, 4 clips to remove the top of the air filter box, 2 x 10mm bolts to take the lower housing out and a small Phillips bolt to release the clamp holding the top air hose to the filter assembly, also due to the short lead disconnecting the electrical connection on top of the air filter box is advisable then you can just manoeuvre it out of the way. For me removing the battery wasn't necessary.

    Remove the cover at the back of the headlight, it twists off and there is a lug at the bottom you can use to twist it off, it is tight though so have some Vaseline or grease to hand to apply when refitting to make it easier to put back on and remove again in future.

    Accessing the bulb is fiddly and you'll need to use sense of touch mostly, I found that a small vanity mirror nicked from the wife's makeup bag was a huge benefit as it gave me the chance to look at the back of the bulb, check the correct position, cabling etc.

    I found that pulling off the power connector was very difficult while the bulb was in position, also there's a rubber cover over the connector that I found slid off the connector when I pulled it. For me it was easier to release the spring clip, remove the bulb then with it hanging out the back where it was visible remove the power cable by gently pulling it from side to side to get it off the bulb, it's a tight fit but comes off easily.

    Fitting the replacement bulb was fiddly again, it'll only go in one way round and the back of the headlight has 2 notches in it that align with the markings on the bulb. For me, again, I found it easier to put the new bulb in carefully as you can't really see then putting the spring clip back on then, using touch put the power cable back on and sliding the rubber cover back into position.

    The driver side is a similar process but there's less room so craning your head into the engine bay won't afford you any view so this side really is done by touch and having the aforementioned mirror will be essential. Also you'll need to remove the coolant header tank, it lifts away and can be left to one side without the need to remove any hoses.

    Removal and fitting of the bulbs is the same as for the passenger side but due to restricted access making sure you're careful and patient is vital. It took me 10mins to get held bulb out pausing to stretch out the ageing and knackered back occasionally.

    Some points to note:-

    Don't force the old bulb out, it's held in well and taking it out with the power lead connected is fiddly but if you go at it and force it the risk is the bulb may break inside the lens, not good. Be patient and gentle it will come out.

    Before you switch on the ignition to test the new bulbs make sure you reconnect the power lead to the airflow sensor on the top of the air filter housing! I didn't and I ended up with an orange engine warning light on the dash when I started the car.

    Obvious really but make sure you put everything back and remove any tools from the engine bay.

    Sorry there's no pics I only thought to post my experiences of bulb changing after I'd finished. I know I would have found something like this very handy before I started.

    Message me if you would like anymore help or information, be happy to help if I can.
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    Thanks a lot for this guide.
    This just confirmed for me that I will leave this for somebody else to do.
    I have no patience at all and would probably used my hammer after ten minutes
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    Impressive work! I just hand it over to the dealers...

    Did you attempt to follow the owners manual? I tried it once but I broke the wheel housing cover (or whatever you call that part). It should be easier to gain access through the wheel arch, though. If you figure out how to release it (which the owners manual doesn't really explain).
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    I think the wheel arch cover procedure only applies to the diesel models!

    I did inspect the area below the headlamps in the engine bay on my car to see if there was any obvious sign of access from beneath them but on my car all there is a what looks like a solid metal inner wing.

    Having said that I think that even with the access from within the wheel arch it would have still been very fiddly to change the bulbs on the dipped beam lens'

    I did look at the manual for guidance and gave up, I decided to find my own way with some information I received from other members on here.

    I'm glad I did it though as the difference the Osram night breakers make is very noticeable and my lights now seem much brighter.
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    Do you know if there are separate LHD and RHD bulbs? Or does the reflector/projector reverse/rotate the orientation?

    I'm curious, because there are a lot of UK based online retailers for bulbs, but not really in the main land.
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    The bulbs are not RHD LHD they can go in either side, each bulb has 2 notches on it that line up with holes on the back of the holder, also the rear of the bulb itself has a cut out on the rear plate.

    I can't see how you can go wrong, as far as I could ascertain they only go in one way round.

    I got my Osram Night Breakers from Amazon, good price and quick delivery.
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    Grahame thanks for this thread you have no doubt helped a few members and will for newer owners.

    Thanks bud :GoodJob:
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    Ahh, I need to clarify. I am not from the UK. The orientation of the beam patern is reversed because we drive on the other side of the road. Are there specific UK-spec bulbs and rest of Europe bulbs?
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    I can't see how for the bulbs specific to the Accord, the way in which they are placed into the back of the lens is determined by the notches on the headlamp, if they need to go another way round on a European spec car then I would imagine it's just a case of rotating the bulb itself until it fits into the headlamp to give correct fitting and beam pattern.

    I'd be surprised if the manufacturers have to change the design of their bulbs to go into cars for european roads.