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    Hey guys, just letting everyone know that im running Glasgow's 10k in the Great Scottish Run on the 2nd of September. Gonna be running in a strong troop of 25+ for the Well Foundation, a charity that i've been involved with for a while. Missed out on a chance last year to compete so there's no way im missing it this year. Well i can't now that i've registered for it, lol! As you all should know, i VTEC everywhere, i rarely walk and due to old footy injuries i never really run, lol! So this will be a push for stamina for me and I hope my legs last, lol!

    Any donation is appreciated no matter how big or small as every penny counts. Also Gift Aid the donation too if you can as the government adds a wee bit onto each donation too. Donations can either be made by my just giving page.

    Usmaan Rashid is fundraising for The Well Foundation

    Or even easier you can text your donation by texting: OZZY77 £x (where x equals your donation amount in whole pounds, such as 1, 2, 5, 10, etc) to 70070. It couldn't be any easier!

    Thanks in advance for any support peeps!
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    Best of luck with the run and the collection bud.
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    Cheers buddy. Gonna give it my all and hope i actually finish as its been a while since i did anything remotely energetic!
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    Thanks to those that donated, it was greatly appreciated! Well i managed to finish yesterday with no training what so ever, i just winged it and managed to jog the first 3km non stop. A feat in instelf as the start straight is up a massive hill! From 3km on i slowed to a walk for a wee bit before getting back into a jog. From the half way 5k point i was getting bad thigh chaffing, they're still stinging today! That was very uncomfortable on the run, and i was constantly adjusting ma kecks, lol!

    One thing that annoyed me was that at the first water station, people would grab a small bottle of water, take one sip and then throw the bottle away! Here i am raising money for a water charity and folk are throwing it all away! I was jogging with my cousin so i voiced my opinion rather loudly getting the attention of fellow runners. I held onto my bottle, slowly taking a sip here and there before throwing the lot over my head and handing the empty bottle to a little boy watching from his driveway as we ran through pollockshields. I'd gotten a 2nd burst of energy and made good progress from there to the 2nd water station, again showing annoyance at the flagrant disregard for water but no longer voicing my opinion as I just wanted to finish, lol!

    Without realising my burst of energy ended up speeding away from my cousin who was my running parter of the day as i'd never ran before and he said he had a decent time last year so i should be able to keep up with him. When i finally looked back he was nowhere to be seen, just thousands and thousands of people. We'd agreed to start and finish together so i slowed to a walk for few minutes and kept to the side till he caught up. We were all wearing blue and yellow well foundation t shirts so our group were easy to spot amongst the seat of white t shirts. When he caught up we only had 1km to go so i joined him in an easy jogging pace so i had enough energy to pick up the pace for the finish straight. On the finish straight i left him behind lol, but only by 30 seconds or so, so we both finished in the same minute. In the end i covered the 10k in 77 minutes, not too shabby for a first attempt with no training. I think next year i could knock an easy 7 minutes off that time for sure!

    Seriously feeling the after effects today though, my thighs are sore from the chafing yesterday, and my muscles feel like they've aged 50 years! I hope to get back to normal soon as i still need to finish my car before JAE this weekend!
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    Cheers buddy, raised £350 so far as the donations are still coming in despite the event having already finished!