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    First post here.

    I have a Honda Accord 6th Generation 2001 Model. Recently the CEL came on randomly.

    The issue is that I have no idea how to trouble shoot this car as it does-not have an OBD II Port.

    Instead it has two blue connectors near the driver footwell.

    How exactly can I use those? Is there anyway of connecting them to an OBD Scanner? Or can I use the Paperclip method?

    Help please!!!

    The VIN Number is MAKCG556H1N100441

    Engine Number is F23A2-000438.

    Here is a photo
    2012-08-18 16.44.27.
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    Some 6th Gens do have an obd port, some don't, I think its model/year dependant, I would have thought with yours being a 2001 car it should have one, if it does it will be located under the passengerside footwell carpet, there will be a notch in the carpet if its there

    Here is an image here


    As you have mentioned if defo no obd port yes you can get the codes off using the paperclip method just Literally look for a blue 2 wire connector. unplug it and then bridge the wires on the male side of the plug and then put the ignition on and count the flashes.

    Hope this helps
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    Hello Nihant,

    you will find it as the guys have indicated.

    You will find it here

    CG5 Data Link Connector.JPG

    Connect the Honda PGM Tester or a scan tool (A) to the Data Link Connector (DLC) (B) located on the passenger's side of the center console.

    Check the Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) and note it. Also check the freeze frame data. Refer to the DTC Troubleshooting Index and begin the appropriate troubleshooting procedure.
    Freeze frame data indicates the engine conditions when the first malfunction, misfire or fuel trim malfunction was detected.
    The scan tool and the Honda PGM Tester can read the DTC, freeze frame data, current data, and other ECU data.
    For specific operations, refer to the user's manual that came with the scan tool or Honda PGM Tester.
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    No idea fella..need the DTC code off a reader. Someone with blink exposure will be able to help. I need the full DTC code.

    The clips make no sense to me sorry.
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    probable cause of P0171 and P0172 (code 45) is Fuel supply system, Primary Oxygen sensor, MAP sensor, Contaminated/bad fuel, valve clearance, and exhaust leakage. If there is an air leak, be it intake or exhaust, the O2 sensor will register lean mix

    the abs ecu use a nonerasable type of memory u can disconect it for 5 years and it won't forget the code

    assuming youre driving an 96 - 00 model heres the procedure

    1.locate your cars ECU (the main ECU that cntrols the engine,usually on the pasenger side ) ,ON TOP OF THE ECU YOU SHULD FIND A BROWN AND BLACK FEMALE CONNECTOR JUST LYING THERE,usually it is covered with a green cap..This is your diagnostic port.

    2.Next ,take a short piece of wire and bridge this female connector,ie.the brown wire must connect to the black vice versa..

    3.turn on your ignition , don't start the car,,now youre ABS light on the dash should start playing morse code,these codes explainn what the precise problem is EG.1long flash 1 quick flash = disconected or failed fr wheel speed sensor.

    4. to reset the abs ecu turn ignition off ,STEP 2 depress brake pedal,turn ignition on STEP 3,the ABS light will go off after about 2 seconds. STEP 4 .after the light goes off release the pedal,the light will then come on after about 4 seconds. STEP 5 when the light comes on press the pedal again STEP.6 the light will go off again,the relase pedal.

    the light will now blink a number of times to confirm the code has been erased

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    Oh wow!!

    Thanks a lot @wumps.

    You guys make this forum awesome!!
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