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    Was driving slowly today, following a slow vehicle, kind of start/stop. Check System came on.

    I've checked the F-CAN menu and it displays:
    Error Active OK

    Meter 1F4

    Not sure if this is significant. The Check system appears on the dashboard display. It's nothing obvious. The car drives and sounds as usually. It's not low on oil, or overheating. Can't make it out. Trying to book it at Honda dealership to have it checked.

    Any ideas from that F-CAN code?

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    Update: Read somewhere to disconnect the battery for 10 mins. Did so, returned to the car, and was still showing up error. Phoned up dealers and booked a visit on Thursday.

    However, when I later got into the car to drive home, after about 30 seconds of running, and while setting up nav language etc, the error has gone. Did not come up on my way home. Maybe it's gone for good. Still thinking about seeing dealers to see if they can pull the code from history to give a clue of what was going on.
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    Rob came up on Wednesday evening and I had a look at his car and it was an IMRC open DTC, told Rob to ignore cleared the error and when he goes to HH for a service get them to rescan the car.

    If the DTC reappears then we have a faulty IMRC valve.:Thumbup:
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    I think this is on mine all the time..no error warning comes up to check system though.
    Not sure the F-CAN is actually displaying an error.. It's green isn't it?
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    Yep checked on few sites online and that seems to be pretty common.

    CJ, thanks for checking that for me. Took me just around 3 hrs to get back home so wasn't that bad.

    Thank your wife for the coffee, and 'til next time :Smile:
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