Chess - very difficult end-game

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    I was trying to explain "end-game" to one of my sons, so I tried to see if there were any examples/videos of simple chess end-games, then I stumbled onto this, and it is extremely difficult
    (white has king + rook + pawn, black has king + rook)

    Rook + Pawn vs Rook - Chess Endgame Practice

    I managed to do it a couple of times (a success rate of under 5%) but I couldn't see how I was managing to do it.

    Fortunately I found that wikipedia explains this type of end-game, it is a combination of two tactics, basically the first tactic is to reach the "Lucena position" (the latter is then formalised). But getting to the Lucena position is very tricky. My success rate is now better than 50%.

    If you know how to play chess, I dare you to try it !!!!

    (if you want the wikipedia links, ask)