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    Paid top dollar for my Accord Tourer.

    Drove away with suspicion of rumbling noise from rear. New car and main dealer so assumed I would get used to this new car and/or perhaps brake discs were a bit rusty after a few weeks on the forecourt?

    An hour later by the time I got home I realised I would not get used to it and it was not going to go away. Took it to my local main dealer and in the course of the next two hours the problem was diagnosed as uneven wear to rear tyres and they were duly replaced FOC.

    Registered my displeasure, politely of course, with Chiswick sales manager. Requested guidance on what would be done to prevent reoccurrence i.e. fixing root cause of uneven tyre wear.

    Very happy of course that the tyres were replaced but the issue should have been diagnosed and addressed by the dealer prior to my collection.

    Dealer has not been proactive and I have received no suggestion on next steps. Clearly the alignment needs checking at the very least. My understanding is toe adjustment is possible (camber not without aftermarket rods) and cannot for the life of me understand why alignment hasn't been suggested by either my local or Chiswick.

    I am hoping Chiswick will do something to restore my confidence (i.e set out what should be done and to what extent they will cover cost) soon! The sales manager knows I have just moved house and started a new job so I was not looking for a project car....
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    Why Honda?

    That doesn't sound very impressive @coops

    The 'rigourous' checks that made it an approved Honda - and you rightly say you paid top dollar for that peace of mind - should have found any alignment issues IMHO.

    I have no idea whether such a thing exists - @Beefy or @Ichiban will know - but did you get a check sheet showing all the things that had been checked prior to sale? If not, perhaps ask Chiswick Honda for a copy, just to 'reassure you' that all the Approved Honda checks that are promised (see link) have definitely happened...:Wink:
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    I honestly have no idea why buyers expect a used car from a Honda dealer to be superior in any way.
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    i can only speak for myself and that every sales car I check gets a thourough check as per the approved Honda check list. Unfortunately a lot of the time the blame lies with the sales department. They have no say in safety related items or wear and tear. But there are other items and recommendations we make that do not get authorised. It's the same across the whole motor trade I'm afraid. Some dealers are better than others.
  5. It's not a new car though it's a seven year old one. They replaced your rear tyres which are wear and tear items the condition of which was viewable on inspection before you bought which I think is more than fair to you. So if you want to be fair to them why don't you find out if there is a problem with the alignment or not before calling them out on here.
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    If there's uneven wear on the rear tyres then surely there's a problem? Possibly a worn bushes or even accident damage!

    Yes, a proper inspection by the buyer should have found this, but it seems that those buying used vehicles from a Honda dealer put absolute trust in them to sort out any problems that subsequently arise, so do not bother to make checks. Buyers need to learn that there is absolutely nothing special about buying a used car from Honda!
  7. There could be a problem but we need to know if there is, and if so what it is. If it is wear and tear then it might not be covered under the warranty on a 7 year old car.
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    My local dealer have been great and suggested they just get on and check the alignment and sort things out directly with Chiswick.

    The issue was the rear wheels were out of alignment. The rear tyres were checked per the check sheet I got with the car but the uneven wear and alignment were not picked up.

    Chiswick sales team did not arrange any of this and still have not called to check I am ok or suggest anything. Rubbish.
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    Great to hear that your local dealer is good at least!

    Worth knowing the feedback on Chiswick Honda too for other members.
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    Local dealer @coops used is Norton Way Letchworth. I have used them now for thirteen years or so & no problems due to good relationship with Service Manager Bryan Smith. In my experience it pays to get to know the Service Manager of a dealership even if you do not have any problems, just introduce yourself & have a chat. Coops took my advice & contacted Bryan Smith & so far as I am aware his alignment problem has been sorted to his satisfaction.
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