Introductions Chockhead and Heidlets Motors!!

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    Hi Guys
    I introduced myself last week and my other half is Heidlet. Flew to Edinburgh yesterday, then train to Dundee to pick up the Accord. Now we have his and hers 2.2 Dtec Ex Gt's! Both cleaned and polished this morning and here they are in all their glory. :Thumbup:

    23082012692. 23082012690. 23082012691.

    And the other 2 members of the Honda family are, the Honda H-RV (general workhorse and tip run car) and Honda CBR1100XX Super Black Bird!

    19042011240. 01032012.

    As the advert says, Honda Happiness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  2. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Wow another family with two Accord's :Happy:both look stunning bud. It just shows once you get behind the wheel of the 8th Generation you want to get all the family to own one. Shame Helen wants a CR-V but refused to buy Swindon .

    That HR-V is parked up on a dual carriage way where you stuck ? Like the bike too.
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    Some good looking Honda motors there. I'm all for having all Hondas in the family. I have a CL9, the missus has a EP2. Then the nephews and cousins have an EP3, CH1, EK3, FD2 :Smile: