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    Chris Knott - better prices than most?

    According to a recent survey by the AA, motor insurance premiums fell by 1% during Q1 of 2015 - the average UK comprehensive motor insurance premium being £530.47 with the direct brokers and price comparison sites.

    I'm pleased to let members know that the Chris Knott average premium is well below that at just £357.63 for Q1 - £172.84 less than the national average! So please give Chris Knott a call when your car insurance is due for renewal to see how much you could save through our special car club/forum scheme.

    QUOTELINE: 0800 917 2274 / 01424 200477


    PS. Don't forget that all car insurance and home insurance new quotes upto 31/5 are automatically entered into the Chris Knott draw to win a Triple Supercar Driving Experience, so pick up the phone today if you'd like a quote. We'll be closed as normal on Bank Holiday Monday.

    Recent feedback from happy customers that supports how good the Chris Knott scheme is:

    "Just smashed all other companies out the water with my quotes. Will be taking the policies out later this week. Can't get over all the discounts they offer. Ridiculous value." Richard Tungate, Facebook

    "Well what can I say :Grin: This is my 2nd year with yourselves. Fantastic communication with lots of help with sending email. Always answered each question so that I made sure that I understood it all. Matched my quote from elsewhere which was very competitive :Smile: Thanks to all who I spoke to and big thank you to Dawn." puma2, MR2 Roadster OC

    "I'm with you guys for my Cupra insurance and can't fault the service on all aspects. Obviously all my mods are declared but even so the cost of my premium is excellent so top marks deserved." KebabWarrior81, SeatCupra.net

    "Couldn't recommend these guys enough. Beat the best quote I got online as well as my renewal" davidm5575, Fiesta OC

    "I got a letter from my last insurer that they could no longer quote for me, I'm assuming simply because my car was over 25 years old with declared mods so I went online and got a grand total of 11 quotes including one of £9.5k! So let's call that 10 quotes. Given that last year I had over 50 that's quite a drop. However, I have a couple of extra things I want to do and as soon as I added more mods I got 0 quotes, that isn't a typo...zero quotes! I tried a few classic car specialists but they all wanted me to limit my mileage and considering I do ~13k annually that wasn't an option so I tried Chris Knott and although my car isn't on a classic policy because of the mileage they did at least quote me a reasonable price with all mods declared (that includes planned mods) and the paperwork was reasonably painless." DT1, Scirocco Register

    "I shopped around but got a better deal with Chris Knott" swinton, Antara Owners Club

    "I amended my policy with mods today. Simple and easy over the 'phone conversation. Milton called me back within 45mins with the quote, and it's all taken care of. It wasn't super expensive either! Thanks again for great service." MR TWO, MR2 Roadster OC

    "Been a happy customer for 3 yrs now. Always beaten my best quote." Mark Underwood, Facebook
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    Not quite for me, can't beat the price from Admiral MultiCar - close though, so well worth asking I'd say.

    Friendly and helpful service too :Thumbup:
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    slim london
    sorry not even close
    classics with peter james
    and totally unbeatable price for my ever day car with more than
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    I've never understood the variations in insurance prices TBH.

    My brother has been with Direct Line for years, but they are so uncompetitive for me it is crazy. Likewise, I get a good price from Admiral, but he doesn't.

    More Than quoted over £500 for my everyday car - nearly everybody else is less than £300 (best is £250). Weird...at least it shows why we all need to get a variety of quotes!

    Adrian Flux used to be very good for me with the classic insurance.
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    slim london
    i gave up understanding insurance companies many years ago
    it would appear tey are a law to their own
    i have had a full licence since i was 17 car and motor/cycle im now 56
    no points on my licence no dd,s no claims ever!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i was told by several brokers the resason for my policy being high in not so many words was "i am due an accident" !!!!
    a very crooked line of business if you ask me