Electrical & Lights Civic 2.2 Diesel - Sat Nav Night Mode

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    New to the car and I find the excellent built in Sat Nav far too bright for night use and have not yet found a method of entering into an automatic 'night' mode which conventional stick-on Garmin Sat Navs have.
    Have found the Contrast-Brightness and Dark modes under settings but that is not the answer.
    Have set the clock into 24 hour clock mode in the hope that would trigger it - to no avail.
    Not found a method of generally turning down the brightness of the instruments
    Any suggestion please?.
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    Dunno if this will help - I have a non Honda head unit, and when I turn on the car lights, it automatically switches to different brightness settings. By default the settings are the same as when the car lights are off, so you can't actually tell it has switched. So, try to turn on car lights, then change the brightness settings, and then turn off the car lights, and see if it changes to the 'daylight' settings.
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    No that's not the answer, but thanks for your response..
    I have found the solution to tis. Just above the volume control :tut: there is a brightness button where various lighting modes can be selected including a night mode.
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    On the Accord Sat Navs if you turn the brightness right down I think it changes to night mode and IIRC (mine stopped working a long while back) also putting on headlights puts it night mode.
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    please see my solution in the previous post. Thanks for your interest.