Engine & Gearbox Civic 2001 auto box failure

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    Hi there,

    My parents have a 2001 Civic 1.6 with auto box. The car no longer has drive in any selected gear position. Our local garage has told us that a replacement gearbox is required, and that early auto boxes are notorious for failing.

    I'm trying to make up my mind on repair or scrapping the car. Do you have any suggestions on where to get a replacement gearbox, I'm assuming a late model one would be best bet? I don't know how true it is that early auto boxes have issues but I've seen it mentioned online.

    We're in Kent if it helps. :Smile:

    Many thanks.
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    Utter rubbish.

    It sounds like the garage is just being lazy and wanting to change the gearbox rather than properly diagnosing a specific fault. I'd take the car to a gearbox specialist who would be able to pinpoint what needs replacing (if anything).
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    Agreed with above..

    It depends on how many miles has the car done. A good auto gearbox specialist would be a better judge of what needs to be done. Replacement gearbox is a the lazy solution. How does he know the gearbox he will buy from the breakers is any good? Its better to get your own refurb'd. Without gearbox working the car will for scrap so even if you want to sell it on, get it fixed first...

    unless the car has done over 120-140,000 miles in which case you can pick another one up for less than £1K
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    Thanks guys.

    I'm assuming he looked at threads like this one reporting auto box problems. Honda Accord and Civic Transmission Failure

    The car's done 87k miles. My parents have had it since new but my dad's not good on servicing, to be honest I don't think the transmission fluid was ever changed. I mentioned this to the garage but I'm going to double check they actually flushed it.

    I'll try and find a transmission specialist to look at it but a quick search isn't revealing any close by. I'll have a hunt around and see if I can find someone.
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    That's an American site and they don't even have the same Civic as we do over there.