Bulletins & Advisories Civic Black Edition Alloy Wheels

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    The two new designs are the 17” Neon as supplied with the limited run Black Edition plus the 18” Nitrogen which shares the design of the 18” Hydrogen but in a black finish.

    Civic Black.PNG
    These wheels are available for available for both PDI and dealer fitment & the pricing strategy matches the fixed price policy set for all other alloy wheels:
    PDI: 17” Neon 18” Nitrogen
    Retail inc. VAT: £795.00 £995.00
    Dealer Fitment: 17” Neon 18” Nitrogen
    National Fitted Price inc. VAT: £1,195.00 £1,595.00
    FRT: 0.6 0.6
    Retail ex. VAT: £962.85 £1296.18
    Part Number: 08W77-TV0-600CK 08W78-TV0-600CK
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