Service & Maintenance Civic Hybrid FD3 Hints and Tips

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    1) Fault
    Complaints of fluctuation/hesitation when driving.
    Follow the CVT rewrite for ‘After auto idle stop, when the engine restarts, the CVT transmission bangs and/or shocks’.Bulletins & Advisories - CVT transmission bangs and/or shocks during restarting after auto idle stop

    2) Fault
    Brake warning lights illuminated with DTC 65-21 stored in VSA and DTC 73 stored in Brake booster.
    Check brake fluid level Bulletins & Advisories - Brake warning light ON / VSA light ON (DTC 73, DTC 65-21)

    3) Fault
    Noise from brake modulator.
    This noise is normal. The car is fitted with an ‘Advanced Hydraulic Booster’. The motor will run until operational pressure is reached in the accumulator.

    4) Fault
    After hard acceleration, the engine RPM stays high for an amount of time.
    The CVT control unit has a driving mode/program for winding roads. The engine RPM is kept high to improve drivability on winding roads. This mode is activated by vehicle speed and wheel speed difference. This mode can also be activated when there is a puncture, the space saver is fitted, or different tyre sizes are fitted to the same axle.

    5) Fault
    Car recovered in with flat battery/non start, when Health check carried out with HDS found DTC’s P0A7F,U0110, U0111, U1205 and U1206 stored in IMA system and U0037 stored in the CVT system. DTC’s will not erase.
    Please refer to Service News Bulletins & Advisories - Car recovered in with flat battery/non starter with mutiple DTC's
    If the power down and back on does not allow you to reset the fault codes, please contact your Honda dealer for a DTS visit.

    6) Fault
    Owners are enquiring about the PC card slot on the Navigation unit i.e. what type of card, where can they purchase these cards or how to use the card in the system.
    Please refer to thread ICE & HFT - 2009 CR-V Audio Input: PCMCIA/CompactFlash and the Navigation owner’s manual for more information on how to operate this system. In-Depth - Civic IMA and CR-V PC Card slot Information

    7) Fault
    EPS warning lamp illuminated with DTC 32-09 or 61-04, usually when cold.
    Follow the troubleshooting for the recorded DTC and if all wiring checks prove correct then replace the EPS control unit.

    8) Fault
    IMA warning lamp illuminated with DTC P0A7F stored (2009 and 2010 models only)
    1) Please refer to bulletin Bulletins & Advisories - 09MY Civic IMA Hybrid indicator cames on, and DTC P0A7F is recorded.

    Note: You may sometimes get a “Program mismatch” DTC after carrying out this update. Please ensure that you have carried out ALL available re-writes for ALL systems, and if this error still appears then switch off the ignition for 5 minutes and switch it back on again.

    2) If the latest software has been applied already then please replace the IMA battery pack