Bulletins & Advisories Civic Type-R 15 Year Model PDI and Maintenance information

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    Honda have released PDI information to all dealers on TSB# SP-18-004-00 dated 26/6/2015 for the all new Civic 5 Door Type-R FK2 MY15.

    Civic Type-R 15 year model is a new model type of the current Civic 5 door model.
    This service bulletin includes:
    PDI related items that are either unique to Type-R or that are changed from Civic 5 door.
    • Reminders of some important items that shouldn't be forgotten when carrying out the PDI process.
    • New maintenance related items.

    PDI Information.
    NEW: Jacking / lifting precautions. Due to the design of the side sill garnish, extra care should be taken when either jacking or lifting a Type-R on the side sill jacking points. The side sill garnish (A) extends below the actual jacking point (B) on the body of the vehicle, so a suitable raiser block or extending arm should be used to avoid potential damage of the side sill garnish by contact with the jack or lift.

    NEW: Removal of front suspension blocks.
    To avoid damage to the front spoiler during vehicle delivery to the dealer, the front suspension is held in a raised position with suspension blocks.These blocks must be removed and discarded before delivery to a customer.

    1. Lift the vehicle and allow the front suspension to droop.
    2. Remove the suspension blocks from both sides of the front suspension springs. (There are 4 blocks per vehicle side.)

    3. Discard the removed blocks.

    NEW: Installation of rear under cover lid.
    The rear undercover lid needs to be installed and retained with 2 x bolts. (See the enclosed parts list)
    1.1. Lift the vehicle to gain access to the rear undercover.
    2. Engage the rear undercover lid into the undercover (A) and install the 2 x fixing bolts (B) to secure the lid.


    NEW: Wheel nuts size and torque.
    Due to the increased loads on Type-R drive train, the wheel nut and stud combination have been increased in size.
    Normal Civic 5 door = 19mm nut + M12 stud.
    Civic Type-R = 22mm nut + M14 stud.
    This change also means that an increased tightening torque to 127Nm (94.0 lbf-ft) is required.

    CHANGE: List of enclosed parts
    The following parts are enclosed in the vehicle :
    In the centre console cup holder :
    In the cargo area :
    A vehicle jack, wheel nut wrench and tool kit are not installed on models with Tyre Repair Kit (TRK). Non GT models are not fitted with a luggage area cover
    or luggage area floor lid.

    CHANGE: Installation of back-up fuses
    1. Turn the Ignition OFF and confirm that the start/stop button light is OFF.
    2. To gain access to the under bonnet fuse box, disconnect the air inlet duct by hand.

    3. Lift the air inlet duct up and fold back.


    4. Remove the lid of the fuse box.


    5. Install the 3 back-up fuses in to the positions shown below.

    If the fuses are installed with the ignition on or engine running, a communication error will occur and a DTC will be set between the MICU and the Rain sensor. The communication error will cause the rain sensor to malfunction and the auto wipers will not function correctly. If the above situation occurs then resetting the MICU will resolve the problem, to reset the MICU follow the procedure below.

    MICU Reset Procedure
    1. Turn the Ignition OFF and confirm that the start/stop button light is OFF
    2. Remove the back-up fuses.
    3. Wait for 10 seconds.
    4. Refit the back-up fuses.
    5. Turn the Ignition on and check that the auto wiper function works correctly.

    CHANGE: Setting the clock
    The Honda Connect clock is automatically updated via GPS, so the time should not need to be adjusted. There is the facility to change the time zone that the clock is based on and also to turn daylight saving on or off for winter / summertime changes.
    These settings are found in [Home] > Settings > Info > Clock

    CHANGE: Audio anti-theft system
    Whenever power to the Honda Connect has been interupted (EG battery disconnection), there is no need to input an anti-theft code, as the units are VIN matched to the vehicle.To restart the Honda Connect, switch the ignition to position II and when the display asks you to, push and hold the power button (A) for 2 seconds. The unit will automatically check and recognize the VIN of the vehicle and then start up.

    There is no anti-theft code sticker supplied in the car. If the anti-theft code is required, it can be obtained by contacting Honda Dealer Technical Support.
    An anti-theft code is only required if an audio unit is swapped to another vehicle.

    REMINDER: Update Honda Connect.
    Type-R models will be fitted with the new Honda Connect audio, this is an internet connected audio system that uses the customers Smartphone or mobile Wi-FI device as an internet source.

    Before the customer receives their new car, the Honda Connect unit will require updates to be carried out to ensure that the customer gets the very latest versions of the on-board applications etc. These updates should be carried out for both the Honda App Center and the on-board Apps e.g. Aha, as part of the PDI process and will require the Honda Connect unit connecting to the internet via Wi-FI to download the updates. Full details of how to carry out the update process can be found in the Honda Connect Update bulletin SP-18-002-00.

    REMINDER: Idle Learning Procedure
    As part of the PDI process the ECM idle learning procedure should be carried out according to the WSM procedure.

    REMINDER: Backup starting function.

    This method is used for starting keyless access system vehicles when the fuses are not installed or when the remote battery is dead.
    1. Press the start/stop switch, the buzzer in the passenger compartment sounds 6 times, a message appears on i-MID (only if the fuses are installed) and
    the indicator on the switch flashes (A).
    2. Bring the H-mark(emblem) of the remote in front of the start/stop switch while the indicator is flashing (within 30 seconds).
    3. As soon as communication is completed, a new message appears on the i-MID (only if the fuses are installed) and the indicator changes from flashing to
    illuminating mode (B).


    4. Within 10 seconds, depress the clutch pedal and push the start/stop switch simultaneously. The engine will start.

    To stop the engine push the start/stop switch.
    Before leaving the vehicle, make sure the gear lever is in neutral position and make sure the light on the start/stop switch is OFF.

    REMINDER: Installation of front strakes.

    Attach the front strakes to the undercover on both sides using the bolts and clips.

    REMINDER: Installation of body plugs
    Install the body plugs into the tie down hook holes towards the rear of the underside of the vehicle.

    REMINDER: Deflation Warning System

    During the PDI process the vehicles tyre pressures are required to be adjusted from the factory shipping pressures, ALL vehicles must have the DWS system initialised at PDI, otherwise there is a risk of a deflation warning after delivery to the customer. The DWS should also be initialised if the wheels are
    rotated such as in routine servicing operation. To set the tyre pressures correctly at PDI we recommend the following:

    1. Measure the air pressure when tyres are cold. This means the vehicle has been parked for at least three hours or driven less than 1.6 km (1 mile).If necessary, add or release air until the specified pressure is reached. If checked when hot, tyre pressure can be as much as 30 – 40 kPa (0.3 – 0.4 bar, 4 – 6 psi) higher than if checked when cold.

    2. Carefully set the tyre pressures according to the tyre pressure sticker on the vehicle door opening area.
    3. Initialise the DWS system after any change to the tyre pressure regardless of pressure value change.

    Maintenance Information
    NEW: Engine Oil Type.

    There is a new type of engine oil that has been developed for Type-R. It is 0W-20 type 2.0 and is available under Honda genuine part number. This type 2.0 oil is the recommend type of oil that should be used in the Type-R engine when either topping up or replacing.
    Honda HFE-20 (0W-20)
    1 litre Honda Part Number 08232-P99K1LHE
    4 litres Part Number 08232-P99K4LHE

    If the Honda Genuine 0W-20 Type 2 oil is not available, then any oil which conforms to the technical specification of API SN, ILSAC GF-5, 0W 20 can be used.

    NEW: 4 Wheel adaptive damper system.

    Type-R is fitted with adaptive damper system on all 4 wheels, there is no specific set-up or maintenance required. If either of the front dampers requires replacement, due to the design, the complete suspension unit (damper, spring and top mount) should be replaced.

    NEW: Brake noise / squeal

    To satisfy the brake performance under a wide range of driving conditions, a high-performance braking systemis equipped on the Type-R. The customer may hear brake noise / squeal under certain conditions, such as vehicle speed, deceleration, humidity, and so on. This is not a malfunction.

    NEW: Alternator mounting bolts.
    If the alternator on Type-R is either replaced or removed / reinstalled, ensure the correct WSM procedure is followed regarding the mounting bolts tightening sequence and torque, this is critical to prevent possible future damage to the engine block.

    NEW: Replacement tyres
    As Type-R uses tyres that are specifically designed for it, during the initial months there may be issues with sourcing the specific tyre via the normal tyre supply routes. If a customer requires a tyre due to damage or puncture and one cannot be sourced locally, there will be some stock available to order via parts after evidence has been provided via a TESS contact to Honda Dealer
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    Fun fun fun!!
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    No @Beefy !!!

    The PDI didn't say take the customers car out on the road for some fun, fun fun !! :telloff:
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    I know when we are getting one in but I caunt tell so there!! :teasing: And I very much doubt I will be the one driving it. I'm not interested in an silly squabbles about who gets first dibs etc etc. I will drive one eventually and shall behave myself in someone else's pride and joy. They don't call me captain slow for nothing
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    Didn't know they called you that :Grin:
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    The all New CTR engine oil.

    Honda HFE-20 (0W-20)
    1 litre Honda Part Number 08232-P99K1LHE
    4 litres Part Number 08232-P99K4LHE

    Main thread updated with the oil part numbers, I am getting a few tubs of these for R&D.
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    Let us know how you get on.
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    Honda have just posted there is a delay in getting this new oil to dealers, but you can use Castrol EDGE Professional H 0W 20 for now.

    The oil for Civic Type-R 2015 model uses a new specification which conforms to a technical specification of API SN, ILSAC GF-5 , 0W 20 The recommended oil to use is Honda 0W 20 Type 2.0 Engine Oil or Castrol EDGE Professional H 0W 20. The new Honda Genuine Oil product will be available by the end of August . Whilst waiting for the Honda Genuine Oil to be available, and if there is a need, you can order on your Castrol account using the following part number 'Castrol Sap No 152F05', this a pack of 12 x 1 Litre Castrol Edge Professional H 0W 20. If your supplier is non Castrol you should order product meeting the technical specification. API SN, ILSAC GF-5 , 0W 20.

    As soon as they land at HH I will get my hands on it, also worth noting the new oil specification API SN, ILSAC GF-5 , 0W 20. Look at the attached PDF by TOTAL, makes understanding it way easier. Honda CTR oil will be TOTAL.

    Attached Files:

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    We won't tell anyone...Really we won't. :spiteful:
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    Bump to this thread regarding the 0w-20 oil I have got some courtesy of @Holdcroft Honda I will be posting the pictures shortly.
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    Pleased I have read this especially about blocking over the jacking points which I was going to check carefully anyway. Unfortunately Honda do not provide just a jack so I will have to use the one from wife's CR-V to remove a wheel when a good clean is required.
    Regarding jacking, if either a puncture need repairing or tyre replacing the mobile services such as EVENT Tyres use inflatable units, I assume these must have blocking on top otherwise side skirts may get crushed?
    @Beefy can jacking blocks be obtained from Honda that can be carried in the car?
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    Get to the local timber yard and get them to cut some up. Simple

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