Suspension, Steering and Brakes cl7 2.4 s tourer lowering springs

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    Hi does anyone know if cl8 or CL9 springs fit the CL7 ?
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    The question is a little confusing with the title specifying the Tourer, the CL7, CL8 and CL9 are all saloons.

    The CL7 (K20), CL8 (K20), CL9 (K24) and CN1 (N22) all use different shock absorbers and springs, however the fitments of the shocks and springs is identical and therefore all parts are interchangable between them. The difference is the springs and shocks are all designed for different load ratings.

    When it comes to springs, you can pop a set of Eibach Pros, APEX or whatever else on any of the above, though a heavier diesel will sit lower and naturally be stiffer, a CL7 would sit slightly higher than a CL9 and be lighter.

    Aftermarket manufacturers pay no attention to this and only the fitment, you'll find most spring sets advertised as working with the CL7/CN2/CL9 but they will feel different between the different chassis.

    Tourers have a different set-up altogether. and require Tourer specific springs. Though to the best of my knowledge the same applies as above with the saloon and they're all interchangeable between themselves (CM1, CM2, CM3, CN2).

    Your car is a CM2 mate.
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