General Claimed MPG vs Reality

Discussion in 'Lounge & Gossip' started by ArcticFire, Thursday 16th Oct, 2014.

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    Honda seems to be among the best marques for showing MPG figures that are actually achievable and the Accord diesel seems particularly good.

    I drove from Hull to Harrogate today in an Accord I-DTEC with 50k miles on the clock. The MPG figure on the fuel computer was over 70 for quite a while but ended up on 67.6. This is actually well in excess of the official figure.
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    Yes they are matey In my eyes Honda are world class in getting the best medium of performance and economy. If you were to scientifically measure AFR ratios across the range it is near perfect ,no matter how you drive it the engine is received the right amount of fuel and the mixture is not rich or to lean. So you can be rest assured the engine will never suffer a premature death or accelerated wear, to all those doubters who are scared of revving their engines go on enjoy your engine they are bomb proof
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    I found mine to be pretty much bang on with official figures.
    On long motorway trips I even managed more than what Honda claim.
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    To a certain extent it's not even the manufacturers fault. The test is mandated by the EU and you can't blame the manufacturers for trying to get the best results in the test.
    My real issue with it is that cars are now being built to the test so that the performance in the real world is possibly worse that it would be without the test. It seems to disproportionately affect small supposedly economical cars.

    I had previously a 2.0T Skoda Octavia VRS, official combined MPG 35.7mpg. Not an economical car yet I could without too much trouble push that to 40mpg. The Accord with an offical combined MPG of 51mpg I can get about 50 MPG with careful driving.

    I'm aware of people driving the same roads as me with super eco cars like the Kia Picanto and the Fiat 500 that claim 60+ MPG that are getting mid 30s or worse.

    It seems to be now if you want an economical car then don't buy an economical car. Buy a big alledged guzzler and drive it properly.

    It's pretty ridiculous when manufacturers now have to put disclaimers on their ads about MPG.