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    Happy memories of my Montego, a 1.6HL auto with the "sports pack" which meant a red stripe round the door trims/bumpers, red seat belts and MG wheels. That used to get me the 200 miles from home to university in pretty rapid time, and in comfort.

    Weirdly, the car in the first photo is not only the exact same colour (Moonraker blue?) as mine was, but the registration number is VERY close - mine was B416 XFC rather than B380 XFC. The Austin Rover dealer I bought it from did tell me at the time that it had been owned by an AR employee, so perhaps it started life as a press car or demonstrator?

    Sadly, looking on the DVLA website, it looks as though it died in August 1995 when only ten years old. It was still in great condition when it was traded in, in 1991. My father was worried at how fast it was for a youngster (in the days before excessive insurance premiums) so made me get rid of it, in favour of a new Metro 1.1C which was terrible :Angry:

    At about the same time, and having driven around in my Montego for a few weeks, he traded his 1986 Maestro 1.6 auto (which was also a really good car) and bought an ex-demo Montego special edition in British racing green. That one didn't have such a happy life, being stolen from Watford during a game that saw us relegate Brentford near the end of the season. It was found a few days later in West London, and traded in a few weeks after being repaired.
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    I too had a B reg Montego , which at the time was my pride and joy. If I remember right it was B880OEA affectionately known as Booby!
    It was a Silver metallic car with cloth interior which I recall being particularly comfortable ( which was lucky as it was the motor I drove home after having the snip!!!)
    I think I kept the car for about 3 years . I agree find memories.
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    Oh god I nearly bought a British racing green 89 mg montego turbo was a nice car n quick but had too many problems.