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Discussion in 'Detailing & Cleaning' started by alloy36, Saturday 2nd Jun, 2012.

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    I've just finished my first claying session and i must say I am really impressed by the results. I'm a clay bar convert.

    I ordered Bilt Hamber clay off ebay after reading loads about it. I tried it with water as a lubricant and i am very inpressed by the results.

    The bodywork is amazingly smooth and it has an awesome reflection.

    Hopefully over the short break, i'll polish and seal the paintwork.

    Like a lot of things, we've got it easier. I remember my dad using T-cut to get similar results. A lot of hard work to get the bodywork clean.

    Wait till i tell him about this
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    \i did mine for the first time last weekend, awesome stuff!!

    I sed a cheaper one not knowing if it was any good

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    Another vote for claying it is amazing stuff, I clay my car once in two year. Tomorrow is a Massive detailing day for me I haven't given love to my Accord for ages its time to sort it.
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    I've long been a fan of clay due to the results it gives - started with Meguiars "Quick Clay" a few years ago, but moved to the Bilt Hamber last year.

    The BH range is pretty good IMHO and worth having a look at in more detail as I've read good reviews elsewhere. I've been using their "Auto Balm" product for years as my winter wax (still on the original tin, seems to last forever!).

    It doesn't bead, and can be a bit tricky to take off if the prep hasn't been thorough, but follow the instructions and it gives great shine and depth as well as protection. All I then do is top it up with a detail spray, current favourite being Dodo "Red Mist" which is top stuff.
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    Omg singhy you do make me laugh!!