Detailing cleaning seatbelts

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    Hello all detailers,
    This may seem as an odd request for information, but this is one that bothers me such and with it being seatbelts is also being a one of safety.

    Can anyone recomend me a product/s that will clean my beige seatbelts? The problem with them is not so much that they are that not so much as stained but covered in oil and grease, presumably from hands and body (should a previous owner driven her with no shirt on) and they are disgusting, also the drivers belt does not retract properly and I think the grease/oil is one of the key causes.

    So, like I said, can anyone suggest a product/s that will clean them or a method to clean them that will not damage the belt since its a critical safety device.
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    This was recommended to me a while ago when my seat belt refused to retract all the way back.
    I cleaned mine with this and it worked and it won't damage your belts.
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    Thanks @Zoran , hopefully rubbing alcohol will do the trick, mine are really disgusting because of all the natural grease and oils that have built up. This Honda of mine is the worst one I've seen or been in as all of my previous cars never had a problem with be belts being so dirty.
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    No worries,check you buckle as well.
    This is the reason mine didn`t retract


    Clean the buckle and wipe seat belts with alcohol and it should work hopefully.
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    can't really tell from the tiny pictures, but is that the belt twisted in the b piller mount?
    Mines working, just retracts slowely
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  7. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    I believe that clean belts flow easily through the system. Dirty ones stick and hence don't move properly.
    I would suggest that once you've cleaned them, leave them fixed out until they dry fully. Make sure you have the doors/windows open whilst cleaning, as the vapour is readily inhaled and not good for you.
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    Thanks for that @Zoran would not have thought to use IPA at all and @Nels I'll keep that in mind, though it rains alot in Oswestry so I'll have to pick a dry day.
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    Ha, ha. Yes is does rain a bit over there.
    If you can't leave the windows open until dry, vent the care thoroughly before you drive off.
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    @Nels it can't be any worse than a farm shed full of nitro fumes from hundreds of Nitro (engine powered) radio controlled cars, like I attended Harper Adams a long time ago, came away with streaming eyes, sore throad, hoarse and not able to smell a thing for days.
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    although this is a media coverage of something from '08 I was there in about '05 and i tell you, it was like looking through a grey haze!
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    They need a pilots licence! :eek:
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    yes, we do, 1/8th scale buggies and trucks can and will jump a long way, buggies fly better though, more controlable. 3.5cc 2 - 2.5 horsepower that can travel in some cases over 40mph
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    Looks like a lot of fun.
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    I would say good clean fun, but its not, its a whole heap of dirty fun than can get expensive.
    though its more fun to race competatively with radio controlled cars, than it is to just muck about with one on a playing field. my old race buggy cost about £600 all in, with engine and starting equipment with a radio I already had that cost a few quid even 10 years ago and its not even and up to date one.