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Discussion in 'Insurance & Breakdown Cover' started by Pottermus, Monday 29th Dec, 2014.

  1. Pottermus Valued Contributor ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    My car insurance is due so I thought I would ring the recommended providers from the forum. I really wish I hadn't bothered:

    Prestige - Didn't answer the phone on the two occasions I rang

    Chris Knott - Gave up on the call after three questions as I was fed up of being asked to repeat myself due to the bad telephone line.

    Adrian Flux - Talk about the hard sell! Firstly the operator couldn't grasp the simple fact that I changed my car half way through last years policy. I kept being asked why I was renewing my insurance in January when I only bought the car in April. Jeez, it's not rocket science!
    Next, after being given a price (which I thought was quite high) I was encouraged to take out the policy without ringing around like I said I wanted to. I was knocked off £35 so I didn't end the call, and when I said it still wasn't good enough to capture my business I was asked to leave a deposit to secure that price. I said I'm sure you will do the same price if I rang back next week, and I was told that it would probably go up by then. Bully boy tactics if ever I heard them.

    Hardly a great bunch of people to deal with
  2. Nighthawk Guest

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    I use Adrian Flux myself and have done so for a few years without any problems, so I am really disappointed to hear that they are behaving in this manner. Looks like I might be looking for a different insurance provider next year myself if this is now their business model.
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    Thanks for flagging this up Gaz, really appreciate your feedback which is concerning to hear and I will act upon this ASAP.
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  5. Tim@Prestige Account Closed Getting Started

    Hi Gaz
    Sorry to hear this. When did you ring?
    Can you pm me your name & phone number please and I'll get someone to ring you? :Smile:
    Sorry again.
  6. Pottermus Valued Contributor ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Thanks Tim. PM Replied too.

    I think that's a goof idea DD. I'd like to hear what the associated reps have to say, particularly Adrian Flux. I was visiting my aunt last night, who is an insurance broker (so is my mother), and she couldn't believe what I was telling her in regards to price holding deposits. She called it unprofessional and unethical. I have to agree, it is scaremongering people in to giving them their business. After being on the receiving end of such a high pressure sales tactic I'd gladly pay a higher premium to an alternate company to prove the point that I won't be pushed in to spending my money by anyone else but Mrs Pottermus.

    It's quite easy to paste a post in to every car forum on the internet promising a reasonable price with good customer service. You also have to back up them commitments when it comes to the crunch though!

    Now I've calmed down. I suppose Chris Knott couldn't really be held responsible for the poor quality phone line if it was an external problem.
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    Oh, and the fat opera singer from Wales was £103 cheaper than Adrian Flux when I looked last night.
  7. Pottermus Valued Contributor ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Bit of an update:

    Tony from Prestige rang me at lunchtime and although he was very helpful, he wasn't able to beat the price I received from Go Compare. I haven't compared the two policies however.
  8. ChrisKnottIns Site Partner Trader

    Hi Pottermus, I've just noticed this (didn't get an alert notification). I'm glad you appreciate that a dodgy phone line (while annoying) is beyond our control. That's certainly not the normal experience of members. If we can help you at renewal this year (or for Breakdown Cover/GAP Insurance/Home Insurance) please do call.