Engine & Gearbox Clutch and DMF - options

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    Hi all
    I was hoping I may get a little advice. I have a 2011 Honda CR-V 2.2 DTEC that has covered around 47,000 miles which I purchased last year from a dealer. It has a full Honda service history. A high biting point on the clutch led me to get this checked out with a trusted local mechanic.....who informed me that clutch was at the point of failing. He advised me to get this done at Honda based on parts prices, and to avoid Mr Clutch....
    I have contacted Honda who have quoted me £680 for the clutch and £1,000 (later reduced to £850) for the flywheel - if needed. They said that normally 2 or 3 out of ten flywheels need changing.
    • How likely is it that the DMF will need changing alongside the clutch.
    • Is Honda's price reasonable or should I go elsewhere?
    • Is this out of the ordinary?
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    Had mine done last year and it was £900 including the flywheel at my dealer, the clutches are a weak point mm the diesel some go forever some fail but honda did update it a few years ago as the underestimated the torque a standard diesel can produce or so I am led to believe. I would replace the flywheel to be honest, just my opinion tho.