Suspension, Steering and Brakes clutch and gearbox oil replacement quantities

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    Hi all. Just some input please. Just been to local garage to have manual transmission oil and clutch fluid changed. Bought the MTF from Holcroft who told me I need 2.2 litres so had to get 3. Also asked the mechanic to use whichever clutch fluid he would suggest.

    So when I came to pick up the car I get told that the car took the full 3 litres of the gearbox oil... Has anyone any experience of this where their car took so much extra.

    Next I get told that the bill is a bit higher cos the brake fluid has been replaced as well as the clutch oil as they are (somehow) connected??

    On top of that I get told it needed extra engine oil which was replaced by 1.5 litres (last changed my oil 2000 miles/2 months ago) as these engines tend to burn excess oil-does anyone have any experience of this???

    After driving it for a while I have checked the reservoirs of both the clutch and brakes. The brake fluid looks clear/clean but the clutch reservoir looks just as murky as when I sent it in?? Do you think this is just due to the system not being fully flushed or have I been had...

    Any thoughts/comments welcome as I really need to determine whether I need to continue my hunt for a good mechanic to look after my bucket of joy for the years to come and don't want to be told a jobs been done when it hasn't...

    Thanks in advance for your input people
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    hi, I did a diy on clutch fluid replacement. it is not connected to the brake fluid at all. is your car petrol or diesel. my 2.4 petrol uses about half a litre of engine oil every 6k miles. which is considered good really. And I did have the gearbox oil changed and it took about 2.2 litres, although my mechanic said only about 1.5 drained out. car was on 70k miles. tony
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    Thanks for that Tony. My car is petrol 2.4 tourer. Thankfully now I am on the forum at least I will know when being swindled. Now just to figure if the clutch fluid should still look so murky
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    The mechanic might have assumed the brake and clutch use the same reservoir, clutch fluid is usually just brake fluid, so should be same colour as the brakes if it has been changed. Maybe pay him a visit and check if he filled the correct one, also ask if he bled the system properly.
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    Thanks for the input exec