Engine & Gearbox Clutch judder

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    Pete Lincs
    Hi guys, sorry I have been off grid for a while, I have been enjoying a couple of months warm rain in France!
    While I was there the CR-V suffered a serious clutch judder the first couple of times the clutch was engaged in the morning, especially on damp misty mornings. The car has just been back to Hepworth Honda and of course the judder disappeared after the 750 mile return trip towing the 'van so they couldn't replicate the fault.
    Has anyone else had a similar problem, and if so what caused it?
    By the way, the car is an excellent tug - and an even better motorway cruiser!

    Ta, Pete C
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    Clutch plates are made of organic material when it's damp the cold bottle effect of condensation occurs. That causes the organic material on the clutch friction materials to get that watered effect. So when the diesel lump finally warms to evaporate the condensation glaze you will experience this situation.If it was petrol you won't notice it that much as it heats up to full temp in sub 10 minutes.
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