Pre-Facelift Model Clutch lever squeak (gearbox) and clutch pedal

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    Hi Guys

    I have last year had a brand new Honda clutch fitted (not at Honda) new master cylinder and had the pedal box welded where the bracket was cracked.

    Recently The lever on the bell housing has started to make a loud squeak when I press and release the clutch (with the engine off and on) Can I just spray some lube down there or could it be something else?

    Also I am getting a kind of click feeling (and noise) from the clutch pedal at about half way travel when pressing and releasing it. Now the pedal box was removed and repaired so could this be something to do with the pivot where the pedal attaches to the peal box?

    Any ideas? The clutch action works fine and clutch operation is ok also.
    a bit annoying.

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    Spraying on the clutch release arm is unlikely to have a lasting effect, if it works at all. Pull the pushrod back and put some Lithium grease between the release arm and pushrod.

    With regard to the click, are all the pedal box bolts done up tight?
    Also are the pedal pivot bushes in good condition?
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    Thanks for the reply, by push rod do you mean the rod from the clutch slave cylinder to the release arm that's covered by a rubber boot?

    On the clutch pedal box I am wondering if the pivot bushes are worn. I had the clutch replaced last year because the release bearing was jamming on the first motion shaft from the gearbox. Which basically made the clutch REALLY stiff to operate, which in turn put a lot of pressure on the pedal and pedal box which cracked the steel frame of the box.

    So I am guessing this may have worn the pivot bushes but I will of course check all the bolts tonight if I get chance.

    Its all very tight under the dash to see a great deal ...
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    This was a factory fix if required on the Civic / accord for poorly designed clutch master cylinders with redesigned ends and push rods.

    It suggests checking all the things you've done tbh

    Pity two out of three foot controls on the Accord are so full of creaks, groans and jerkiness :Frown:
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    Yes, the end of the pushrod should be visible poking out of the end of the rubber boot.
    The clutch pedal and pedal box is sold as an assembly by Honda, although certain parts are available separately including the pivot bushes - which kind of suggests to me that it's probably a major ball ache or at least unwise to try repairing bit by bit.