Engine & Gearbox Clutch pedal sticking to the floor

Discussion in 'Honda N-Series' started by welsh_decs, Thursday 18th Jul, 2013.

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    Please can someone help me, a while a go my clutch pedal stuck to the floor and i had to get my foot under it and kick it back up, this was a once off but now it is doing it several times a day, would this be master cylinder, clutch cable or just the clutch in the general please help me.
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    Same thing happened to mine/still happening to mine!
    I've changed the master cylinder and thats not sorted it so I've narrowed it down to the pressure plate, saving up to change the clutch & flywheel now and that should hopefully sort it out!
    If youve not done anything yet id recomend you bleed the clutch first if that don't work then id say its the pressure plate on yours to!
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    Have the clutch assembly checked, they can corrode over time and I've just had to have mine welded. Master Cylinder was replaced by the previous owner but they were barking up the wrong tree.