Engine & Gearbox Clutch problem?? :/

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    Hi guys,

    Need help please,

    as I've recently had a clutch problem lead to another with the flywheel but all sorted now,another problem has seem to accur and im confused what this could be as I've had the clutch/flywheel replaced couple weeks ago, drives fine and picks up well but when its been sat in the cold for a while and coming to start it up, put clutch down and shift in gear the clutch pedal doesnt seem to want to bounce back up.. This only happens in cold but once its warmed up it drives fine. Just wondering whats this or what should i be looking at? Will probs take it back to the garage to sort it out.

    Any info be appreciated :Smile:


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    Also in reverse gear it seems to lock itself and really hard to get it out of gear and sometimes happens to 1st gear :/
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    Could it be air in clutch fluid or the master cylinder on its way out. Try lubricating the master cylinder and flushing out the clutch fluid first.
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    Thanks for the reply pal, will see that over in the weekend. But is this a big matter to last another week of driving? Lol reason for asking is because im going away next week for easter and don't want to spend too much before i go lol :/
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    Had exactly same problem on mine it was the clutch slave cylinder which was leaking quite badly, changed this and problem fixed, this was very very irritating when the clutch pedal sticks to the floor. Pull back the rubber boot on the slave cylinder and check to see if any fluid is leaking out then it needs replacing.

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    Here is a pic of what I am going on about I am sure you know what it is but just incase you don't here it is. View attachment 8509 clutch.
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    Raptorman see this thread http://hondakarma.com/threads/1898/

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