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    Hi everyone, having a problem with my clutch slipping in higher gears. I have been reading up but is it the same clutch as on the accord and Civic?

    As far as I can see it tends to be the pressure plate fails which is what it feels like on mine too. I want to remap the car to boost power and hopefully economy. I think my options are genuine honda parts, LUK which some people say is OEM? The Civic guys seem to rate CG motorsports twin clutch, would that fit and does anyone have any experience?

    Other issue seems to be fitting as have read you need a specific tool, is this a honda only tool?

    I take it I won't know if the flywheel needs replaced until the gearbox has been removed?

    Sorry for all the questions, any help would be much appreciated.
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    Personally speaking I would go with OEM or LUK. The CG Sports single mass flywheel (SMF) version is likely to give a very juddery engagement.

    The questions you are asking have actually been asked already a number of times.

    So let me find an appropriate thread and I'll merge it with this one.
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    The special tool you need is Self Adjusting Clutch Tool - Sealey VS011 Engine General Tools Vehicle Service Tools

    That's right

    Another thread to browse through
    Engine & Gearbox - Uprated Clutch/Flywheel Options for Remapping 2.2 i-CDTi
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    I had the same problem and it's been fixed by fitting new clutch and DMF by Honda dealer, it was about 50k miles ago and it's still fine even with 200+ BHP :Smile:
    DMF can be checked when the gearbox is out so you can find out if you need the new one when they will strip it off, if it comes to CG motorsport I've read quite a lot good reviews about theirs clutches and they seems to by ok, and most user friendly is dual friction as this one doesn't cause to much judder
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    Thank you for the replies, I was not sure the Accord, CR-V, FR-V and Civic had the same engine.