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    Hi all,
    I have noticed that when following a car which is turning left, at the point where I accelerate away to go straight on as I pass the corner of the car that's just turned left, I get a CMBS orange light warning and a tug on the seat belts! It does seem a very sensitive system that is easily triggered by quite normal manoeuvering in traffic. Not really a problem but it did surprise me somewhat. Is this normal?

    Done over 1000 miles now in three weeks since I bought the Legend. I am inexorably smitten. Every drive out seems special. No journey is long enough. Love the V-Tec 'whirring' noise, and the MPG is better than I expected. 25/27 on short trips around town and 30/32 on longer A road and motorway runs. Although, even a short period of naughtiness will cause the average MPG to plummet!! It's just so addictive squirting around with big bootfuls of throttle. Anyway, it's 'smiles per gallon', not miles! Love this car, so pleased with it. I'll get some pics in the garage, if it ever stops raining.
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    It's completely normal for CMBS to do that. Don't worry about it. I agree with smiles per gallon :Smile:. I'd suggest not to give AT too much trouble (kickdown) if it's not warmed up and also keep it in D3 for driving around town so it's not switching gears like crazy. I take extra care of it because if to goes, well, it's a very expensive endeavour. I also change transmission oil every second engine oil change but this might be going a bit too far :Wink:.
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    Thanks Timkk,
    Which tyres would you recommend. I've got horrible budget things on at the moment. I was thinking Michelin or perhaps GoodYear.
    I'll try to get something in the garage thingy Legend-ary. :Smile:
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    Mmm, they look nice, reasonable prices too. Mine are 235/50/17, so a tad cheaper than the 18's. Cheers.
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    I also vouch for the super sports.

    Normally get them from Blackcircles fully fitted, and are very good. Was a little gutted last week, as just had a new pair of fronts fitted for drive down to Glasgow in the snow on Saturday night and found out a few days before fitting the Pilot Sports 4 were available! Never mind - maybe next time!
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    Hi there,
    If i could, i will recommend using the YOKOHAMA Advan Sport V105S for the summer period. Mine are 245/45 R18 100 W with lightweight Enkei Racing alloy wheels, this is my "summer mount",
    with these spec, i'm literally "glued" on the road...
    For the winter period, i have Michelin 235/50 R17 100V Pilot Alpin with the original Honda's 17 inches alloy wheels. I regret the YOKOHAMA for winter season, next time i will return with YOKO for the winter.
    I also tried the Bridgestone POTENZA RE50 for the summer season but i prefer the YOKO.
    Overall i found the YOKOHAMA's better for the KB1, for the winter or the summer, not that the BRIDGE or the MICHELIN's are not good, these are very good tires but i found the YOKOHAMA's very much well balanced with the KB1,
    and less "noisy", as flying on very smooth air or :surfing:...of course this is only my taste and experience.
    Enjoy your rides on KB1.
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    This is interesting that you find yoko's quieter. I've gone with michelins because they're considered an improvement over yoko's on acurazine.com. I've had yoko's before when I bought the car but they weren't new so the comparison wouldn't be fair.
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    French roads - the Yokos (Legend-specific) can be horribly noisy on the crumble topping with which our local mob pretend to resurface the roads.

    Otherwise a brilliant tyre in all weathers.