Engine & Gearbox CO2 emissions

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    Hi all

    first post, soon to become an owner of a 2009 petrol ES GT tourer...

    I have a questions of CO2 emissions, i was originally looking at the 2008 models and the petrol autos have CO2 187, however this 2009 model has CO2 emissions of 185, which has an impact on the road fund banding. On further investigations on the WWW I can't find any reference to CO2 improvements around the 2009 model.

    Does anyone know the history of improvements?
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    I have an 8th Generation 2008 model and it is referred to by Honda as the 2009 model, I think the 2008 model refers to the 7th Generation
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    Let me try a different tak, if you go to this site and input your reg and make it will tell you various details about the car in question. It a DVLA site. if i put in the current reg of the car i bought EDS8X (i don't get to keep the reg) and honda it comes up with all the details and CO2 figures..


    What does your car return?
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    What reg is you car before it had the personalised number plate ? can you also have a look at this thread 8th Generation Complete VIN Expanded and tell me which year you car was made.

    You are looking at the 7th character of the VIN :Thumbup:
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    I have not actually picked car up yet, so don't know what the reg will be.

    If Im reading chassis number right its a "Accord Tourer/R20A3", "4-door Tourer/5-speed Automatic", "ES GT, Elegance, Type-S,","2009"

    DVLA think its this (not that Im complaining)
    [h=1]Vehicle enquiry[/h]
    The enquiry is complete.The vehicle details for EDS 8X are:
    Date of Liability01 10 2012
    Date of First Registration30 09 2009
    Year of Manufacture2009
    Cylinder Capacity (cc)1997cc
    CO2 Emissions185g/Km
    Fuel TypePETROL
    Export MarkerN
    Vehicle StatusLicence Due to Expire
    Vehicle ColourBLACK
    Vehicle Type ApprovalM1
    Vehicle Excise Duty rate for vehicle
    6 Months Rate£118.25
    12 Months Rate£215.00

    will this help identify what the CO2 emissions should be?
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