Electrical & Lights Code 23 21 - increased resistance in centre seat belt tensioner

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    Hi one and all,

    Guys, i have a issue. I own a 2005 Manual VTEC FR-V and since i bought it, have intermittently seen the Airbag light come on.

    Yesterday, i gave my car in for its MOT. All is well, except for one thing. The garage notified me that the light has come up and is for Code
    23 21 - "increased resistance in centre seat belt tensioner". For this reason, they have failed the MOT.

    Has anyone had an issue with this code before? The garage also told me, not sure if this is true or not, that in the US, Honda have been fixing this issue for Free and have given a lifetime warranty on the part. Is this also true for UK? Have searched online, but cannot find anything relevant to it. So thought of posting on the good ol' Karma site to see if:

    . anyone has come across this issue
    . knows how to resolve it

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    @Ichiban anything on MARIS regarding this ?
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    what the alphabets before the code that is not a Honda known DTC.
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    Hi Ichiban, will try to get the full alphanumeric code for you.
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    No further update and was not able to get the full alpha-numeric code for it. But both garages i went to, reported the same fault for the Airbag light coming on. the both said it was:

    "increased resistance in centre seat belt tensioner"

    I spoke to Honda in Hemel, and the guy was more helpful than in Beaconsfield (the receptionist sent an emaill to someone to call me back. am still waiting:Ermm:) and Slough (simple reply from them, we need to investigate and there is a £80 charge for that:shock:).

    The guy from Hemel branch was more helpful, he said that if it has been diagnosed and then the simple thing would be to:

    1. Diagnose and Reset the light (as it may have turned on by mistake e.g. if i jump started the car, which i haven't to date). Cost of probably £50.
    2. It could just simply need a new Seat Belt Tensioner, so you would have to pay for that and the labour.

    But weirdly sometimes when the seat is up and not folded, the light turns off. Now this is turning into a rarity. Majority of the time the centre seat is down.

    Shall update the thread if something changes.
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    Right then, the SRS light on the Dash has now turned off. As predicted, it is the Tension on the Seat Belt. Normally when not in use, i have seat down/folded. For the past few weeks I have had the middle seat up and it has been used regularly, eventually the light has turned off.

    It only seems to come on when the middle seat at front, is folded and is down. When my MOT was due, the light was on and thus the garage failed it. I managed to convince them that this issue is related to the front seat. Eventually he passed it. And now for the past few weeks the seat has been upright, been used regularly and .......... hey presto ...... the light has gone off.

    Just wanted to update the forum and let you guys know what my findings were. So if your MOT is due and this light has come and the code is related to the tension on the seat belt, try this. It's sure as hell better than paying Honda £80 off quid, just to diagnose the problem and at least you will know how to get rid of the light before your MOT most importantly you won't have to go through the crap i have been through.

    Needless to say, if the diagnostics reveal another problem, then please do hot hesitate to update the thread and also get it checked and fixed. Common sense should prevail. I hope!
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