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    Hello, quick update, ordered part from HH , going to fit tomoz,but does the car need the fault codes erasing after new throttle sensor fitted.
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    I'm not sure, thb, but if you do have the MIL/ECU warning light on afterwards then simply disconnect the battery negative (-) terminal for at least 15 minutes to reset it.

    Good luck with the fitting!
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    I've just seen the thread where you were previously asking about this problem... so cleaning it didn't help then?
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    I don't know about the Accord specifically but generally speaking if an sensor fault is no longer present the fault will clear but for some sensors/codes it may take three "drive cycles". If you have the tools to clear fault code, then it's best to do that anyway as it will reset all the fuel trims etc to 0.

    Oh and by the way Jeffers, it makes everyones life (including yours) so much easier if you stick to one problem = one thread !

    You should have posted this update on the same thread as you posted the original issue. For anyone who does know that you posted a thread on a TPS would probably be totally confused reading the above post.

    Also I think it's actually against forum policy to post multiple threads for the same issue, so be careful you may get a warning by a forum moderator.
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    Thanks bud,

    Just to clear the air yes we are all are a helpful bunch and it give me and other delighted in helping others ,but please search for related problem and respond in relevant thread if they exist before opening a new thread.

    it easy for us and others to offer help and for the members to search who will experience the same symptoms in the near future.
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    Hello guys quick update,i fitted new throttle sensor-10-15 min job,and alls well, got part from HH, 187.00 quid lighter. Car is now silky smooth.
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    Nice one! Thanks for letting us know.