Engine & Gearbox Coil Warning Light

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    Was all set yesterday to do the rest of my LED guide had everything ready once I got back from dropping my daughter at nursery, but on the way home the coil warning light came on along with the engine symbol. Panic set in as I still had a few miles to go, anyway made it home.

    Checked for obvious stuff then remember reading a few posts about how it could be the fuel filter amongst other things. Except I had no loss of power or any other symptoms. Rang the garage as I have only had it about 5 weeks, they asked loads of questions about loss of power and decided it was safe to drive over to the garage in Newcastle.

    Spoke to the service desk a bit more and he didnt seem overly concerned by it all and told me I could have the car back in a few hours. Also told them to balance the wheels as over 70 they judder like hell.

    Few hours later went back and they said it was all fixed, they had to update the ECU as there was a bug in the old software that could cause the coil warning light to come on.

    Asked them if they checked the filter which they said they had done as a full service was carried out before I got the car.

    Also got the wheels balanced too.

    It could be just me but the car seems quieter at idle than before and since they have done the wheels it handles a lot better too.

    So apologies that I didn't get the rest of the LED writeup done that I have been planning was looking forward to doing that after I snow foamed the car too. Not sure when im next off either to get it finished but will do the interior LED's and get the photos up for that in a few days (I hope).

    All in all not what I had planned for yesterday......
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    Good result in the end bud, just a reminder for all diesel owners who take their cars into Honda dealers for servicing ask them politely to check the ECU patches.

    They will be glad to show you what is involved after all these patches are to made to make your driving experience better.

    I and the rest will wait for your LED review buddy.
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    Yeah thats what i thought too, glad it wasnt serious.

    Got my reverse camera and folding key fob today to so will do a few pics of them too.