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    hi have put a new air cone on my 1999 accord 2.0i VTEC sport se and the engine management light has come on after a day would the air filter cause this? if so am i doing damage to my car?

    cheers guys
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    I can't remember if the 1999 accord 2.0i VTEC engine has a Mass Air Flow (MAF) or Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor.

    If it's got a MAF sensor then this luckily to incorrect measure the amount of air going into the engine. There's probably more air going into the engine than the MAF sensor is reading. Therefore the oxygen sensor is picking up a lean conditon and that's why you have got a check engine light.

    There a couple of things you could check/try.

    First make sure that the MAF sensor is inserted correctly
    Secondly check for any air leaks
    Thirdly get the check engine light reset by disconnecting the battery, press the brake pedal for a few seconds and then reconnect battery 20-30 mins later.

    If the CEL comes back on the consider pulling the mod as running your engine in a constant lean condition is not good for the engine.
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    Hi SpeedyGee,
    No MAF on this one. AIT and MAP are present.
    Demo, follow SpeedyGee's advise.
    And, euh, just for your info. I would bet quite some money your 'cold' air intake filter will deliver warmer air than the stock filter. Does the filter rests relative high under the bonnet? Worth a check.
    I see this difference with Civic 1.4 petrol 2008 and my current Accord 2.0 i-VTEC. The Civic takes (stock) his air from underneath the bonnet. The Accord has a real cold air intake (stock). No matter how or when: my Accord's air temperature is always only a few degrees above ambient. The Civic goes way above that, especially in slow traffic or when waiting at traffic lights. Easily 30 to 40°C above ambient with a fully warmed engine and slow traffic.