Engine & Gearbox Cold start knocking CR-V

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    Hi new to the forum,

    Just bought 05 Honda CR-V 2.0 petrol auto for wife 79k on the clock with service history.

    When i start the car when cold there is a slight knocking,checked oil levels fine as the car warms up it sounds more like a tappety noise.

    Before buying the car every review praised the engine in this car has anybody have any ideas, after Xmas i was going to take the car to local dealer and get the oil and filter renewed to make sure it was the right grade etc.

    Would really appreciate any advice must say the car drives fantastic and the wife loves the car.
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  2. Mikem Senior Member ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

    The list could be endless to be honest bud, get it checked out at the garage.
  3. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

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    Yes as Mike says could be any number of things and without checking out the issue in person it's going to difficult to point out what your issue is.

    You should probably avoid using the car until you can have issue checked out.
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    Since i first posted i have found a thread very similar to my problem, same car and model and the guy was told it could be the VTEC solenoid and VTEC pressure switch,i will try this on Monday has anybody come across this before and does this mean damage will have been done due to reduced flow to head/camshaft,

    By the way did take the car to Honda dealer who said never heard CR-V make that noise
  5. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    This is not uncommon on the 2nd Generation CR-V they are prone to this,it primarily down to old contaminated oil.You may need to get a engine flush and change oil regularly CR-V are renowned to burn engine oil and ensure you top up with oil regularly.

    They have a habit of burning oil at alarming rate which is normal, hence people don't do oil changes :Aghast:
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    i all depends on what the knocking noise sounds like realy. worse case senario is engine damage due to being run low on oil. as cj has said honda engines can burn oil, which in itself is perfectly normal but when it isnt checked and run low damage can be caused. does the engine run smooth, no running problems?. have the rocker cover taken off and check the condition of the cam shafts and timing as a first point of call.
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    I have the same problem! I took my CR-V to the main dealer, they reset the tappets but the noise is still there. They said it was due to the Timing Chain tensioner and that this is a problem with these cars but shouldn't cause any problems. I am going to flush the engine with Wynns before renewing the oil and filter as part of a full service. I will post back on the results.