Engine & Gearbox Cold start problem

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    Hi I'm new on the site so forgive me if this has been discussed before but I have a big problem starting my car when its cold (5 deg and below). No problem when it's a bit warmer and no running problems when started so it's not a fuel starvation problem (not the filter). I've changed the glow plug relay and the glow plugs but there has been no change. The glow plugs do light but only for 2 seconds and this is the same when its warm or cold - I've tested that at the plug not just looked at the light on the dash. My wife had a bit of a crash last year and there was work done on the front wings / bonnet and the rad was changed.

    My question is - Can it be that the 2nd relay was faulty (bought new from Honda) - surely that's not possible. Therefore is there a sensor that tells the relay how long the plugs should be heated when its cold outside? I can hear a 2nd click after the initial relay click but can't locate it. Maybe this was damaged in the crash?

    Please help - I live in the Alps and soon it will be cold every morning! My wife is not happy!
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    Hi - welcome to the club!

    Can you explain a little about how the engine responds to cold starting, for example does the starter turn over slowly or do you have to crank it over for an excessive period? Does the MIL ever come on? What year is the car and how many miles/km has it travelled?
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    If the glow plugs are warming the same in hot or cold weather I would guess the engine is not pre-heating enough when cold. There is an outside temperature sensor in the front bumper which displays on the dash and alerts of ICE. But I have no idea if this reading is reported into the ECU to help control things like the pre-heat.
  4. Also, how old is the battery and how often do you use the car?
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    Thanks for the replies and help. The battery is new and the engine turns over very strongly but will not fire at all in cold weather (ever). The starter motor is fine - same cold or warm. its a 2005 130,000 miles. It runs perfectly once started and I can do 80 miles in a day but if it's a cold morning the next day then it won't start. As soon as its driven for 15 minutes it will start fine. It's a pre heat problem for sure. The outside temp reading on the dash is always spot on, as is the ICE warning. I'm sure that there must be another sensor somewhere that's malfunctioning?

    I will be slated for saying this but a quick blast of Easy Start and it fires up so DEF not a fuel problem
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    I´m not 100% sure if it applys also to the I-CTDI, but most of the diesel get the temperature signal (which determines different pre-heating times) from the engine coolant temperature sensor (ECT-sensor). The ECT-Sensor of the I-CTDI is placed under the engine cover (see attachment - B = Sensor) Pherhpas it´s is a ECT-sensor defect, or a defect cable-connection of the sensor / or a contact ... Otherwise - if the glow-plug relay is defect again, you should have guarantee to get a new one for free :Smile:

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  7. Or glow plug control module maybe...I think you need to get the fault codes read.
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    Thanks! This seems to be along the right track, especially as the rad was damaged and replaced shortly before the problems started. I'll take a look tomorrow to see if there is anything obvious or I'll replace it. Does anyone happen to know a part code for this ECT? I would have replaced the relay again but I'm in France - Honda Shrewsbury who supplied the part wanted to run the car on the computer before exchanging the relay - understandable but difficult for me. Local Honda in France are clueless unfortunately.
  9. Honda Shrewsbury are right, diagnose first before replacing, no point blindly throwing parts & money at the problem.

    Can anyone point you to a good Honda dealer in France if you can't get back just now?
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    Yes, i only wish I could pop down to JT Hughes!! i took it to Honda in Cluses France and they told me that there were no error codes, it needed some oil (50 quid for 1 litre) and that they would start the investigation by replacing the fuel filter to see how that went, then the glow plugs the next time etc etc. Unfortunately that garage is 40 mins away and I can't afford to pay people for fixing things that I know aren't the problem. They charge 100 euros an hour for labour. The next nearest is Lyon which is nearly 3 hours away so fuel + tolls + garage + lost wages = 450 euros a visit!

    Can you tell me more about the glow plug control module? Where is it / part no?

    Thanks again
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    If they can´t solve the problem, my recommendation would be a visit at a Bosch Diesel Service in France (near Cluses / Annecy? - nice City :Smile:) - Bosch made the whole CR-system and also the pre-heating components ... (Honda unfortunatelly is not yet a "old diesel specialist" like Peugeot)

    The Bosch part no. are: (I don´t know the Honda part no.)

    glow plug control module : 0 281 003 030
    ECT-sensor: 0 281 002 209
    the glow plugs: 0 250 503 003

    Good luck :Bye:
  12. Clouseau de Cluses?....Mais non!....but the Bosch Centre sounds your best bet.
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    Thanks to you all for the good ideas - I'll look for a Bosch service centre close to home and see what they say. I'll post with the solution when its fixed. I'm pretty sure now that it's linked to the front end collision as it doesn't seem to be a common problem. Hopefully I won't have to sell her then!
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    Hi Alpine Activities, we have seen this one quite a few times. On every occasion so far, its been down to fuel pressure. The glowplugs in the ICTDI engine actually do very little and any glowplug malfunction ie. relay will put the EML on and record a fault code. The fuel filter should be changed every 2 years or 25k or sooner if youve ever been unlucky enough to get a bad fill at some stage. It can be a tricky bugger to change if youve never done one but a honda dealer could fit it in about 30-45min. It would really be the first step and if your planning to hold on to the car you'll have to do it sooner or later anyway. If the fault is still present it would be time to have the pressure checked and go from there. Hope this is of some help, hope you get it sorted before the winter kicks in!