Accord/8th Gen collected my accord today first impressions

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    As stated I collected my exgt today and im very pleased with it but have a few questions. Its on a 09 plate in polished metal in really nice condition but with this being an exec I was expecting full leather but its only half leather, also no sunroof, I thought all the execs had sunroofs?. I should add I bought this from a main dealer without inspecting the car but seeing as it was an approved car I wasn't concerned. Im not bothered by these issues just curious. As a bonus it has the rear windows blacked out(never noticed this on the Accords before) and it looks really nice. Gripes? both front speakers have blown and maybe others(not had time to check) and the premium audio is really poor, I know the front two and maybe more have gone but im guessing once they are replaced it will still be a poor system, not a patch on my old 04 plate exec. Interior light on roof does not work(maybe bulb) and little push down door over front ashtray won't close. By the way the dealer gave me two years Honda warranty so all work will be hopefully foc.
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    EX GT models do not come with full leathers or sunroof. Only the top line EX models get both of those.

    As for blown speakers, it is a known problem - search the 8th Generation forum for details. If you have that two year Honda warranty - make a list of the things you want fixed, take it to your dealer and get them to fix/repair/replace.

    Thats what the warranty is for. :Thumbup:

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    well as I said I bought this car from pics only from a main dealer, the car was an approved Honda so I had no concerns as I've had a few Hondas over the years from a few different local Honda dealers. Anyway today I rang my local Honda dealer to discuss repairs or at least get it booked in to have a look. Well to say I was fobbed off would be an understatement, they simply didn't want to know. This is what they said. firstly I had to go back to the dealer who sold me the car, secondly the warranty I have would not cover speakers this despite the fact I told him it is a full wear and tear warranty and it was also a known problem. Then they said that in the first 14 days after buying the car the supplying dealer would have to do the repairs anyway even if they did agree to take the work on!. Then I got told they are all separate dealers accountable for their own budgets and only linked by name only and so it went on.... So I rang up the dealer in Yorkshire where I bought the car from and the sales manager could not believe their excuses and disagreed with everything they said. The dealer in yorks has agreed to do the repairs themselves saying I maybe have to go back with the car (120mile round trip) and if I had to leave it they would give me a car to use so I would be without the car for at least a week (work commits) Im fuming with my local dealer as it was only 4 years ago they were taking 22 grand off me for a Type-R Civic. tempted to complain to Honda uk but I will give the original dealer a chance to come up with something (ringing me tomorrow).
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    Congrats on your purchase. :Thumbup:

    The stereo should sound pretty good to be honest. If Honda change your speakers keep your old ones as you can use them as adapters for in the future if you decide to put some after market ones in. Its an easy job to do so don't let it put you off.

    As Saj says you don't get a sun roof on the GT cars and if you browse the forum its no big loss as a few have had rust problems.

    The full leather seats would be nice but at least the EX GTs are still heated witch is great:Thumbup: You get sports pedals, Red LED, Xenons, Parking sensors, Sat nav and body Kit as standard so it is a good choice to go for.

    Polished Metal is the best colour too:Hooray:
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    thnx racy for reply, what and where are the red led lights
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    Those are the ambient footwell lights - you'll see them on in the dark :Thumbup:
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    United Kingdom Jason Dudley, UK
    It took me 6 months to notice mine as you only see them when its pitch black ie no street lights. I did see the mod you can do to make them brighter though so I may try that.

    Also Roach, the LEDs are dimmable as they are linked to your dash lights.:Wink: If they are dimmed down low you'll find it hard to see the LEDs with out getting on your knees to check there there.
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    well I don't recall seeing any last night and I was in a pitch black area, got the dash lights on full brightness aswell i will have another look tonight but maybe im adding these to the list of repairs. don't suppose they are linkrd to the interior roof light are they cause that doesn't work either.
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    IMO the supplying dealer is at fault here why were these items not spotted prior to you picking the car up? Does not inspire confidence in "approved" used cars from Honda. That said yours sounds like a nice motor and congrats on the new car. I suppose you always get some probs with a used car but i would not expect this of an approved car from main dealer. Sign of the times.. Very annoying for you the customer though.
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    this would explain why the supplying dealer was reluctant to have a go at my local dealers refusal to get involved. maybe a little embarrassed?. like I said earlier its a lovely car but it was given a full service before I picked it up and all these niggles should have been spotted. As I said earlier the supplying dealer (gilder Honda rotherham) are ringing me tomorrow with a solution but they were talking bout me driving over there and giving me a car to use while work is done. this would mean I can't get there till weekend and go back for it following weekend, not really keen on this but I will see what they say before I start complaining. I suppose this is the problem with buying cars at distance. Still don't understand why I can't take it to my local dealer (gordons Honda) 4 miles away, I can see me ringing Honda uk with this one.
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    i had my accord 2 weeks now with blown speakers in the front i took it to a different dealer than i bought it from and they changed them with no problems at all on the used honda warranty

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    Will they not give you a courtesy car? I know my local Phoenix Honda will if they have one in. Perhaps worth asking just in case.

    If it makes you feel any better when I bought my Ford Mondeo from a major dealership (Parks Motor Group) it would cut out whilst driving! Lovely stuff! lol It needed a documented ECU update but the warranty wouldn't cover it - I would have thought it was an inherent design fault? So I had to foot the £90 bill with [cue annoying radio advert voice] "Evans" for them to plug it into a computer for a few minutes.
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    The supplying dealer giving me a courtesy car isn't a problem they have already said they would, what is a problem is the distance I would have to travel which is a 130 mile round trip twice in two weekends once to take my Honda back and again to collect it. I can only go at weekends due to work shifts etc and they didn't sound to keen to send a driver over to collect my car. even more annoying is the fact I have 3 Honda dealers close by the nearest just 4 miles away and they didn't want to know blaming the supplying dealer for the problems and totally ignoring my Honda warranty I was given saying it won't cover wear and tear even though I quoted the fact it does from the warranty itself. I have no doubt these problems will be fixed by one of them eventually its just the inconvenience of it all. Thanks for al your replies by the way.
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    Scotland Graham Scotland
    When I was enquiring with Honda Phoenix they said that any Honda Dealer should accept your car for warranty work regardless of which Honda Dealer you bought it from. I can't understand why it would be a problem for them as they would simply bill the original dealer accordingly or the Honda warranty company (or however it works). I bought my last car from Parks Motor Group in Irvine, but all warranty work and servicing was done at their East Kilbride branch.

    Have you tried speaking with Honda UK or the warranty people? It could just need a simple email/phonecall from them to your local branch :Smile:
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    Just noticed another speaker not working its one of the parcel shelf speakers but its not blown its a lose wire.
    so this speaker hasn't been working at all, if I wriggle the loom near the speaker it comes on. No wonder I have been reporting poor sound from a premium system. Two blown fronts and drivers side parcel shelf not working at all.
    also noticed a 3mm chip on the main body where the boot closes, this has gone rusty.
    should I mention this to the dealer and would they fix this under warranty?
    thanks for replies guys.

    sorry posted same time, I am about to ring up the supplying dealer to see what they come up with.
    if not happy ill be ringing honda uk.
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    If you were prepared to drive 130 miles to buy a car, you should be prepared to drive 130 miles to have problems rectified.

    You can't have it all ways.
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    As others have said I should be able to go to any franchise dealer because I have a full 2 year honda wear and tear warranty with the car.
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    Not strictly true.

    As some of those issues were present and not rectified during the sales prep of the vehicle it is the supplying dealers responsibility to repair.

    Your warranty covers the failure of a component that occurs while you are in ownership of the vehicle, not those that were already faulty before you took ownership.

    If your warranty policy does not cover it, there is no reason why a third party agent should. So the 130 drive that you were happy to make to pick the car up, could possibly be needed again.
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    Congrats from me as well m8:Thumbup:
    I have to agree with Jace on this one - Polished Metal is beautiful in the flesh (don't pick mine up for another week).
    Cheers, Mark.
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    good luck with the car.. i've had mine just over a month now and love it..