Reviews Compact 8" Subwoofer review JL CP108LG-W3V3 - 8'' - CR-V

Discussion in 'Member's Reviews' started by Racy Jace, Saturday 16th Jul, 2016.

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    This is awsome! It takes up no space and drops low enough to give you proper smooth deep bass that's detailed due to its slotted port. You'll need a 300w rms amp to power it too. My amps fitted on top of my spare wheel out the way.

    I have a remote switch for my amp so I can turn the rear sub off while leaving the original under seat sub on. Doing this highlights the difference the extra sub makes and how much sound your actually missing! My 12" sub is great but only running at about 35% as it can go very very loud and very deep. The 8" jl audio has more than enough proper subsonic low end for your average UK CR-V owner and I highly recommend it if you'd like to improve your sound.

    I still need to buy some front speakers so I'll let you know what I think when I buy some. Any recommendations appretiated.
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    Very nice young man!

    I like how you do these electrical things as if you were sticking two pieces of Lego together! Kudos to you!

    Are you still planning to house this in the side of the boot flush with the side panel etc? Also, have you disconnected the bass speaker under the front passenger seat?
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    Im still using the original undeseat sub. I had a T lead made up that just plugs inline with the original lead and has a hi level input to low level rca out. I did post about it some where.

    I havnt bought the jl audio sub I just demoed it as id read alot about them. It's a very good low cost solution. Obviously the custom specific CR-V sub will be better but is £500! I positioned the 8" sub vertically against the back seat. Ideally it would be screwed to the back seat and allow you to keep decent boot space. I tried it against the side panel and it didn't quite fit. The 6" version would fit up the side but I it doesn't go low enough.
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    Very good performance out of these, especially considering the size of the enclosure..
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    It is good but pricy. I can also see that wheel well sub that @Allwoods Audio being quite good too. Its just that you need to loose the wheel. I recon if the spare wheel can be flipped over a custom box could easily be made in the CR-V and the amp then put in the back some where. I've a kicker comp rt 8" on the way. I'll let you know how that goes.