Engine & Gearbox Complete DIY Service, Catch-all

Discussion in '7th Generation (2003-2008) [Acura TSX]' started by DeviateDefiant, Sunday 12th May, 2013.

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    My car's running pretty damn sluggish at the moment, oil, filter, sparks etc. were all changed just under 3,000 miles ago. As some of you know, I know little about my car other than that it's been rebuilt after a major rear-end several years ago. When I first brought it, the oil that came out was the stuff of nightmares (and partially starved).

    The car has not been looked after in the past.

    Recently, I've lost a good deal of pick-up and my engine tone is pretty damn rough compared to before, occasional stuttered start too. Considering how little I know in regards to service history, what would you guys do? I want to get her as healthy as possible, things noted already are: clean out the throttle body and EGR plate.

    Think I and CJ are going to have a day trying to get to the bottom of it all whenever I can get up to him, just want to know things to look out for.

    Many thanks.
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    We will sort it buddy it won't be that hard! get the HDS on it and do some data capturing to see what its doing!