Electrical & Lights Complete list of internal & external bulb types for 7th Generation Saloon and Tourer

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    Hi to all Mods, Staff & Members

    I am looking at buying some replacement bulbs for the Tourer, but as I do not have the manual to hand, I've done a search of the forum to no avail and I can't seem to find the information off the 'net.

    Any chance someone has a full list of bulb types required for the 7th Generation?

    BTW, I am looking for the particular bulbs for the reversing light, door card lights, and courtesy lights

    In the near future I am looking to replace all the bulbs for LED style or super bright halogen (auto-dim courtesy feature, as LEDs don't dim)

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    I've started making a list as I've been replacing a lot of the interior bulbs with LED's

    Map lights 31mm Festoon
    Door card lights 501 (I experimented with a 16LED COB panel that works really well)
    Boot lights 501
    Dash switches T4.2

    That's as far as I've got so far.

    If you do add to the list, let me know as I'll try and put a guide together once I have them all.
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    OK, what I have managed to find so far......the only one I have not been able to reference are the vanity mirror light bulbs.

    I hope it helps, it has helped me. Thanks for the info on the LEDs feedback @Heckler

    Below is a list of what bulbs the 7th Generation Accord 2003-2008, takes if your looking to replace with standard bulb, LEDs or other form.

    The 8th Generation Accord may be the same. I am sure CJ, @Ichiban will be able to confirm this.

    Please note that you don't need any CANBUS bulbs for the Accord, unless you like a particular bulb that only comes in a CANBUS model from your preferred supplier.

    Interior Lights
    · Front Courtesy Lights = x2 31mm Festoon Bulb
    · Rear Courtesy Light = x1 31mm Festoon Bulb
    · Driver & Passenger Door Cards = x2 501/T10/W5W Wedge Bulbs
    · Glove Box & Boot Light = x2 501/T10/W5W Wedge Bulbs
    · Dash Switches = T4.2
    · Vanity Mirrors = x2 Special Sized Festoon

    Exterior Lights
    · Front Sidelights = x2 501/T10/W5W Wedge Bulbs
    · Front Indicators = x2 585 Wedge Bulbs
    · Rear Indicators = x2 585 Wedge Bulbs
    · Rear Sidelights (the two bulbs fitted within the boot lid) = x2 501/T10/W5W Wedge Bulbs
    · Rear Brake/Tail Lights = x2 580 Bulbs
    · Third Brake Lamp/Middle Brake = x1 580 Bulb
    · Reverse Light = x1 582 Bulb
    · Rear Fog = x1 582 Bulb
    · Number Plate = x2 501/T10/W5W Wedge Bulbs

    Headlamps & Fogs
    · Front Dipped Beam = H1
    · Main Beam = H1
    · Front Fog Lights = H11

    Courtesy of Horizon LEDs
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    When I search for 585 LED bulbs, all I'm getting is T10/501 both on ebay and amazon... can anyone confirm if they are in fact the same types of bulbs because I have loads of them here already.
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    @Heckler try Jav at Horizon LEDs on Contact Us Use the contact page field boxes. Jav had a 7th Generation Accord that he customised heavily with LEDs, he is the one to ask.

    He also uploaded video to Youtube showing a before and after LED conversion on his Accord below, he lists the actual bulbs used in the comments section, I have pasted the list here for your ease of reference, you just need to cross match the bulb type from the list above to his list:
    Brake/Tail Lights - T20 7443 50W Cree LED Red
    Tail/Parking Lights - T10 501 W5W SMD LED Red
    Reverse Light - T20 7440 50W Cree LED Pure White
    Rear Fog Light - T20 7440 50W Cree LED Red
    Indicators/Turn Signal - T20 7440 50W Cree LED Amber

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    England Speedy Birmingham
    By gum that bulb for reversing is bright !!
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    It's about as bright as my door puddle lights now. :Smile:
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    Apart from the fact that I don't like the LEDs for side lights and Jav doesn't do the slim ballasts for HID conversion, all my bulbs will be coming from Horizon. I am going to go with the MTEC 501 ultra white bulbs (halogen) as they give a better all round glow and fill the sidelight area with more light than the LED bulbs, plus looking to use slim ballasts to put in headlights rather than do the bumper off thing.

    Once I get the stuff I'll do a step by step on how I did it and post, plus I have changed my wheels for the quartz ones sold by HH recently, so I need to upload those pics too.
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    That will be great.
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    I've already done a few pics of the steps I've done so far... feel free to use the pics from those.
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    England Mark chesterfield
    for the Vanity Mirrors i got these
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    England Mark chesterfield
    think it was 29
    - - - Updated - - -
    yes 29 just checked my ebay
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    England Mark chesterfield
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    That near enough completes the list, any bulbs missing off? Please add so we can do a definitive list. Cheers @Mark11 for the special size bulbs reference
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    Just to check, are the t 4.2 bulbs what I need for my heated seat buttons?

    While I'm at it what about the buttons around the satnav unit? Are they t 4.2 and how hard a job is it to change the bulbs?

    I fancy going from the yellow colour to white like the time and date on the very top of the dash.
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    I believe they are but have not had them out to check... Seeing as a pack of 10 LED's can be had from ebay for less than £2 it's worth just buying them.
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    Yes they are the ones I was looking at.