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    Hi guys/gals im Blake, Im a complete noob to honda and forums. Just got my first honda an 99 accord 2.0i ls and love it but am surprised at MPG, (then just have read the thread of 6th Generation MPG). Not sure where to post this Q, i was wondering if i can move the ac unit on the dash to the lower tray under the clock and put in a double din unit, any one know if this is poss or has anyone done it many thanks Blake
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    double din?

    Hi all, i got my first honda a week ago and I love it , 99 accord 2.0i ls, the thing is I want to get a double din unit in and was wondering if I could move the ac controls to the tray under the clock and fit one in the sat nav hole, does anyone know if this is poss many thanks blake pic

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    Re: double din?

    Hi Blake, welcome to AOC.

    Anything is possible if you put your mind to it :Smile:

    Is that area a double DIN sized (180 x 100 mm) ?

    It depends on how skilled you are as this would involve lots of hacking around.

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    Hi Blake

    Yes you can move the climate controls to the lower dash, The Type-V 6th Generation already has this done to make way for the factory Sat Nav double din:Smile:
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    When i had my 6th Generation accord i wanted a permanent SatNav so i got a single one where the large screen automatically slides out and flips up. It can play dvds also along with cds and radio. Was great quality and great to watch movies when having to wait about. The face comes off for security also. Worth considering going down that route? I've still got it in storage if you want me to find out the make.
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    Thanks for your responses and arcticfire yes please what make is it and would you consider selling it?
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    Wow great specs has anyone had any experience with one of these?
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    I know its the worst make ever, however I had a Ripspeed :Smile:Blushing: Can't believe I've just admitted that) DV720 and for what it cost me (£50) it was pretty good, DVD player, 7 inch flip out screen and pretty good sound quality

    You can pick one up cheap as chips nowadays, just make sure the ribbon is ok and that it plays both DVDs and cd's ok