General Compliance bushing thoughts?

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    Well the compliance bushings on the the StepWGN have seen better days and won't pass the MOT equivalent here this year. Unfortunately due to the rarity of parts I'm stuck with a few options, in order of expense OEM Honda arm 600+, Chinese arm (waiting on reply), and of equal cost polyurethane bush and Febest rubber bushes. The ball joint and front lower bush look to be fine.

    Question becomes would replacing just the compliance bush with polyurethane and leaving the rest be advises or if replacing with polyurethane should I do the front bush as well? If I went with rubber I would only do the compliance bush and leave the rest but given the importance of the bush I'm hesitant to go with the febest part and potentially need to do it again in a short time. The Honda OEM is just out of the budget at the moment and the Chinese spurious may or may not be any good but might be worth a go if the price is right.

    Any thoughts in particular to the mixing of rubber and polyurethane in the suspension? If I do go the polyurethane route would it be advised to do the entire suspension sway bar, top mounts etc which negates any savings on just replacing the control arm bushes? I'd really only be looking at longevity given I don't really throw the bus around corners or drive it all that hard.
  2. Can you not get an OEM bush ?
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    OEM compliance bush will be arround £20. Not breaking the bank and better than messing around with poly bushes or new arms.
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    Can't imagine having a mixture of brand new hard polybushes and old worn bushes will be much good for the ride?
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    I can't get Honda to order an OEM bush as they have no part number. It's listed only for the entire arm, pretty typical of the Honda dealers here (the computer says no). It would be the way I'd go if I can get my hands on them. The OEM part has lasted 200k km you really can't complain. Drawing is here if anyone can find a part no that I can ring them with. FRONT KNUCKLE / FRONT LOWER ARM / honda | part list|

    Thats my concern, and replacing with a rubber bush of questionable quality doesn't make a whole lot of since either. I can get the front bush and compliance for reasonable money in poly and do the two on the arm but I can't stretch to doing the whole suspension in poly, I personally don't like the ride on poly, yes great for corners but its not really great for an 8 seat van.
  6. Up to you but I'd go Febest, at least it's branded, and hopefully it'll be good for a few years.
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