Service & Maintenance Condition Report during service - a few issues

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    Car was in for service and new gearbox oil today but technicians report threw up a few issues.

    Got an amber for front discs and pads and wipers. Fair enough. but got a red for both front lower suspension arms bushes. Both are split. Also drop links are corroded so been advised to do them at same time as bushes.

    Need to get some other prices because main dealer quote seems high to me.

    Car doesn't feel any different after service and gearbox oil change.....and dealer didn't stamp transmission oil section then did it upside down.

    :Sorry:Think I'm just a bit grumpy.
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    Having just looked at prices online £436 for front suspensions bushes and drop links seems expensive. Does anyone know how many hours labour this job should take?

    Still, every cloud and all that........I could have a Volkswagen! :Smile:
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    Firstly, have you checked that this work actually needs doing?
    My local Honda dealer tried to sting us for £100 a corner for Jazz tyres that actually had months of use left in them. Of course my wife said yes go ahead. I phoned back and said no thanks not just now.
    My Ford dealer regularly tries to tempt me with wiper blades and brake pads for my Transit too.......No Thanks.
    If the work needs doing, are they quoting for complete arms or just the bushes? So what if the drop links are corroded? Do they still work?

    Non genuine parts fitted by yourself or an independent are always going to be cheaper than genuine parts fitted by a dealer.
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    Most modern cars won't necessarily feel different after a service, unless something tangible has been adjusted, such as the handbrake cable.

    Stamping the book upside down would chafe on my OCD though...
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    Yeah the bushes definitely need done - had a look myself.

    I was of the same opinion about the drop links being corroded - so what. But for the sake of a few quid in parts when they need to come off anyway when doing the bushes (I'm led to believe) I may as well get them done.

    The main dealer quote was for bushes only and drop links - main dealer labour charge seems to be the problem here.

    I'm getting complete arms, drop links and Hunter wheel alignment done by an independent for £360.
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    Your right it could be worse, you could own a VW... No wonder the world is so smoggy these days LOL lying gits.

    Honda dealers do know what they are doing but they also charge accordingly. Unless its a dealer you trust I would try independent as you have done. They won't have the latest Honda updates or insider knowledge but for suspension repairs it shouldn't matter so much. I must admit I usually go independent simply down to the labour charges at a dealer.
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    The suspension bushes on the wifes Jazz have been cracked and remarked upon for the last 6 years, but they have never failed the MOT, if you get noise (clunking) take a look at them, if they are bad you will see bright metal where they have been allowing too much up/down movement.