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    In recognition of their contributions to the community, both @Doc and @chunkylover53 have been promoted from the special "Evangelist" recognition to community Super Moderators and join our growing Staff Team. They have the ability to move, manage and edit threads, resources and garage entries across the site, as well as deliver warnings to member's for any serious rule breaking.

    @SpeedyGee as a long time Super Moderator, and one of the most dedicated and experienced members on the team has been promoted to Site Admin, allowing the same level of control over the site as both myself and @Ichiban. Speedy has been tackling writing the new rule set for the site which will be going live before too long.

    Let me be the first to thank and congratulate all 3 for their consistent contributions in the community. We're very much in a period of growth and redevelopment after leaving the Accord Owners Club behind, we hope the new additions to the team, and Speedy's promotion to a more full-on role will help this club achieve its potential.

    Shortly, a new ranking system will be going live on the site which will give special titles and benefits to the members of the board who have contributed most. The system is built on trust, with more benefits and permission granted, the more members have contributed to the site. It's very much a tiered system that'll restrict brand new members from abusing the site, and grant freedom once they start getting familiar with our community. We'll follow up with more information shortly, we really want to award those who help the community grow.

    Welcome aboard guys, this is the start of something quite special.
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    Congrats to all of you.Welcome to the "Team":Wassat: Doc and Chunky!
  3. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

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    Thanks Cj and DD.

    Congrats Doc and Chunky, welcome aboard.
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    Congratulations to you all, we'll deserved I am sure:Grin:
    Mike c