ICE & HFT Connecting iPhone to CD Aux socket

Discussion in '8th Generation (2006-2011)' started by David Redmayne, Saturday 23rd Aug, 2014.

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    David Chester
    In previous vehicles I've owned, it's been reasonably straightforward to install am iPhone adaptor to the CD Multichanger socket of the radio.

    I'd like to do the same to my Civic 2006 BUT having watched a YouTube video of someone removing the stereo, it looks like a rather longwinded job with most of the car's interior removed!

    All I need to do is to be able to access the rear of stereo unit and plug in the adaptor - so, has anyone managed this without major upheaval or do I really need to remove the centre console, gear level console, panel under the steering wheel and panel on top of the radio!!

    Thanks very much

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    I'm not expert on the 8th Generation Civic, but for almost all modern Hondas you will need to do the big centre console teardown to access the back of the head unit. It seems a very daunting job but with some trim removal tools and a bit of patience it's not that hard at all.
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    I've fitted an Xcarlink ipod/phone unit to mine. I went slowly, (so that there was no damage/marks etc) but still got it all done in about 2 hours.
    I really isn't difficult.
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