ICE & HFT Connecting tablet/phone/MP3 player to the Auxiliary port

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    I have read too much into this and I think I have just confused myself. I am after adding a 3.5mm jack to the auxiliary port on the stereo in my car (either that or one of those boxes with the USB/SD card slot for MP3 playback).

    Most of the listings I have read state that they connect to the CD changer port on the stereo and some of them say that they are not compatible with the premium sound system (6 disc changer in the dash).

    I'm guessing there must be an option to add an auxiliary port to the stereo as there is an Aux button on the front of the stereo.

    Does anybody know of a compatible port that will work on the premium sound system head unit with a built in CD changer!

    Thanks in advance

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    Just thought I'd add this, I've removed the trim and taken a photo of the connector on the bottom of the stereo which looks as though it would fit with this unit - HONDA ACCORD Civic S2000 Jazz AUX IN LEAD AUXILIARY INPUT ADAPTER LEAD CTVHOX001 | eBay

    Can anybody confirm if this is the right one?

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