ICE & HFT Connects2 for iPod into 07 Accord NAV/HFT/CD Alpine OEM

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    Hi all

    At my wit's end with this so hoping someone else might have had a similar issue...

    Purchased a Connects2 iPod integration adapter model CTAHOIPOD002.2 - checked in advance with supplier that it was compatible - supplied model number of my head unit etc.etc.

    I've fitted it without much of a hitch to my Accord 2007 ICTDI EX.

    My head unit has a 6CD changer built in, rather than a separate CD changer - it's an Alpine OEM model RG846RE. My car also has SAT NAV. There is a spare socket at the back of the head unit, where I have been able to plug the Connects2 adapter directly in. It came supplied with a Honda pass through Y cable - I tried without, with, and in every socket of this changer ! I've hunted around for separate amplifier, other sockets etc., but I think the head unit is an all in one. No info on the Alpine website.

    When I connect either an iPhone4, or an iPod, or iPod Nano, the device is charging no problem BUT...

    The CD changer is still operational (I've taken the whole thing apart and since it's built in I can't see how it can be disconnected). I've tried CD/AUX button and various other combinations of button to select the iPod, but nothing doing, just keeps playing the CD.

    I thought perhaps I needed to reset the head unit somehow, so I've even tried disconnecting the car battery etc. Nothing in the manuals about this either - only the Sat Nav resets, but not the stereo as far as I can tell.

    Anyone else hit this problem before ? Has the dealer just supplied an incompatible product ? I've emailed but not getting much back in the way of constructive advice :-(

    Last chance saloon I think - suspect I may be seeking a refund on Monday - I live in hope !!!

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    Doesn't work I'm afraid. I was told it would but it didn't so I spoke with Connects2 direct and they confirmed it's not compatible. The other more expensive model model they do does work they said, though when I contacted a retailer he said it wouldn't!. So short answer is yes your asking for a refund on Monday.
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    Cheers StuH, at least I know it wasn't just a case of me being stupid then !!

    Retailer now suggesting I try the Xlink so I'll give that a go.
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    No, it's not you I did exactly the same. Go for the xcarlink, with that you can control your iphone as you would the CD player. I'll probably go for a Grom as it has Android control.
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  5. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Xcarlink just works seamlessly why bother with connects2 when you have members with hit and miss experiences.