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    205/55/16. Had these tyres for about 2 years and sub 15k and the fronts are already worn! Tyre pressure checked regularly and hunter alignment done twice (every MOT) Rears have plenty of meat, but what's the story with the fronts?? Anyway my review:
    The good
    Dry braking (straight line) - very good
    Wet braking (straight line)- very good, actually they are amazing
    Comfort - very good, they soak up bumps.

    The bad
    Handling + braking round corners is Terrible! This is where these tyres fall flat on their face! The tyres are so squidgy, when pressing the side wall with my thumb there is huge deflection. You really feel this deflection when going round corners, the car dives considerably into the corner before changing direction. With a nose heavy car this feels a little dangerous and negates the straight line performance. I tried to overcome the dodgy handling by increasing the pressure by 5psi. It didnt work, the braking power decreased a fair bit however handling felt much improved.I did this too late as the tires were far too worn when I tried this.

    Longevity is poor. In my opinion the weight of the FR-V over the front wheels just shreads these soft tyres. Not a good fit for the front of the FR-V. I think they make a good rear tyre though.
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    I just (hour ago!) replaced the fronts with Mitchellin energy plus. Now, these tyres get slated for poor braking in the wet. The A rating for wet braking should be ignored apparently. They are a very hard compound so should last a lot longer. Only driven about 1/2 a mile so can't comment on them yet fully but I noticed immediately the car doesn't dive into corners as much.

    Apparently these hard compounds perform much better when they have a good amount of weight on them, could be perfect for the FR-V.
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    I put Michelin Energy Savers on my FR-V. Not sure what the difference is between Energy Savers and Energy Saver Plus but the Savers are proving to be pretty good tyres. There's no deflection as you described with the Conti's.
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    I think they've tried to improve wet braking. but they still stop a few meters later in the wet than the contis at 100km. The contis get amazing reviews but what they don't tell you is you need to replace them every year at normal mileage. That great performance drops as the tyres wear, and wear they do! Hoping the stiffer compound also offsets the significant uneven wear I got on the contis, I think the FR-V is just prone to uneven wear even when the tracking is good.
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    There's always going to be a trade off with high performance and stick-ability versus longevity. I went for the medium range 'Falken' tyres; Harder compound but the trade off is with road noise being high but wearing very well.
    Something I'm not keen on doing is mix and matching tyres. I always prefer to go for same tyre all round.
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    Done a few hundred Miles on the Michelin. Remember I've only got these on the front axle with contis on the back.

    The good
    Steering feels a lot lighter and car changes direction much more easily.makes city driving easier.

    The car feels a lot less wollowy, less diving when going round corners and much less pitching forward when braking this gives you more confidence to apply the brakes hard. With the contis, braking caused so much dive that my phone would regularly fly off the folded centre seat.Car feels a bit more eager when accelerating and less speed scrubbed off when coming off power.

    The bad
    You definitely have to press the brake a little harder! Those contis are damn sticky! But as I said before the lack of diving everywhere inspires more confidence in braking and handling, this however exposes you to greater understeer as the tyres do have less grip.

    So as expected its all swings and roundabouts!
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