Engine & Gearbox Converson from K20A6 to K24A3 or K20 A2?

Discussion in 'Honda K-Series' started by waqs, Thursday 12th Feb, 2015.

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    Hi peole, I am new to this forum and have owned Hondas (which I love(d)) but not very technical if you know what I mean lol. Basically I currently own a CL7 with the standard K20A6 and i need some real advice please. I want real power (which i believe will not be able to get much from my CL7 without spending loads so I may as well just do a conversion and benefit the power of crossover) and been told to do a coversion, so I am not sure what will be the best conversion as I obviously want something good with a straight swap not any confusion involved and well worth it, so will it be better to do a
    coversion for a EP3 Type-R engine (K20A2 I think) or K24A3? Thanks
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    Hi @waqs, welcome to Honda Karma :Hey:

    That's not as easy to do as it sounds.
    If you swap the engine you have to swap the ECU. The Accord ECU has lots of features that the Civic one doesn't have.
    So you can cross off K20A2 conversion straight off the list.

    I don't think I've come across anyone who has done a K20A6 to K24A3 conversion on an Accord, you would have to research the topic throughly.
    On that front, why not just sell this car and get one that comes with a K24 in it in the first place :Smile:

    A quick way to gain some power is to install a CAI, exhaust header and perhaps catback exhaust and then go for @littlebo mapped ECU for a K20A6 engine.
    Have a read of my review of the @littlebo test ECU here

    Alternatively buy a CL9 and then start on a proper modding path, like many on here have.
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    ^^ this