Bulletins & Advisories Convertible Top Cover Snap is Broken

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    Honda have issued the follwoing TSB#HUK000000000749 dated 22-02-06 for all S2000's AP1 made for model years 2000,2001,2002,2003, 2004 & 2005.

    One or more of the snaps that secure the convertible top cover are broken.

    The snap may have been made close to, or out of the original design specification.

    The tolerance of the snaps has been improved.

    Application to Production Line
    An improved retaining snap has been fitted to vehicles after the VIN shown above.

    Repair Method
    Repair to be carried out on customer complaint only
    1. Inspect the inside of each snap to determine which ones need replacing.
    00-01YM :
    A = Long snap locations B = Short snap locations
    ap1 clip1.

    02-05YM :
    A = Snap B = Good snap C = Bad snap
    D = Internal finger is bent over
    ap1 clip2. ap1 clip3.
    2. Use snap-ring pliers A to remove the nut B and the damaged snap(s) C from the convertible top cover D.
    ap1 clip4.
    3. Apply Lock-Tight to the threads, and then install the new snap(s).
    4. Mention to the customer the need for care when removing and refitting the soft top cover.
    NOTE: When installing the convertible top cover, press on both sides of the snap C to attach it to the pin B. Do not push or pull the snap button when installing the snap.
    ap1 clip5.
    A = Fastener strap
    Replacement of male hooks
    Check if the male hooks are within specification.
    Replace the ones that are not.
    Out of specification :
    ap1 clip6.
    In specification :

    ap1 clip7.

    Parts Information
    <Part Number> <Part Name>
    90316-S2A-000 HOOK, FEMALE (COVER)
    90318-S2A-000 HOOK, FEMALE LONG
    90317-S2A-003 HOOK, MALE