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    Hi All

    have just signed up,

    I have Just passed the 200.000 mile mark in my 2005 diesel accord, such a fantastic car to drive and not a fault with her,a wee bit on the rattly side but very easy on fuel! Bernie as I call her passed 200k on tuesday morning on the way to work, at the moment shes rolling on standard 16" inch wheels but I have a lovely set of 10 spoke 17"s to put on in the next week( waiting for tyres), shes full exec with all the bells and whistles inc satnav, theres a some wear and tear on the car ie scratches and dents but she looks lovely when clean will post pix soon when I get her done up.... Only problem I need a sat nav disc, number( APN2-34102/ ver 2.05) URGENTLY!! guys, kids broke it the other day so if anyone has one please let us know I need it real bad

    Thanks Coodie

    Please PM me ( email address removed) edited-IC
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    Hi and welcome along Genuine Sat Nav Discs can be found usually on ebay.
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    Kidcoody, Bernie, welcome to AOC :Hey:

    200k and going strong huh .. good stuff :Thumbup: